5 Ways An Employee Database Management Software Provide Key Benefits For Your Company

11 November 2022

7 min read

Lynette Teo
Lynette Teo

Managing your employees properly is key to the success of your company, and is a key priority of your HR department.

But without proper organization, it can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Worse still, it can sap valuable time from your HR department for more value-added tasks.

To keep pace with the faster pace of the modern business environment, your HR department must leverage the latest technology to optimise its employee management obligations.

In this case, what you need is a cloud-based employee database management system. With this solution, HR managers like yourself can perform multiple tasks simultaneously, such as:

  • Smooth integration process for new employees
  • Smooth transitions for employees
  • Keep yourself up to date with employee information
  • Enable quick action on admin issues and tasks

Let’s take a look at how such a solution can be beneficial to your HR department.

Advantages Of A Cloud-based Employee Database Management Software

An employee database management software is as it says on the tin; a tool that allows your HR department to securely store, organize, and manage your company’s employee data and documents.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the benefits a cloud-based employee database management software  can offer your company.

1. Centralised Employee Management Database

As a HR manager, you have to keep track of massive volumes of data pertaining to your company’s employees. This is made harder when all that data is scattered across multiple spreadsheets and paper documents, making it harder to get the full picture.

With a cloud-based employee database management software, you unify all of your employees’ information into a single database, with complete, searchable and secure files that contain information such as the employee’s personal data, bank details, emergency contact and even a record of sick leave.

This gives you a single source of truth that’s easy to access, and much better organised than would be possible with scattered documents.

The cloud-based nature of the software also means that not only can you update your employee’s data in real-time, it also ensures that all records pertaining to that employee are subsequently updated automatically, with perfect accuracy.

It also means that you can access the same employee database from multiple locations. This is useful if your company has established multiple branch offices in different countries, and especially so today, with more businesses adopting remote work arrangements with employees.

2. Makes Processes More Efficient

Implementing an employee database management software to unify your employee records also makes the whole process much more efficient than before.

After all, some of the consequences of inefficient employee data management includes missing or outdate information, thus leading to time wasted searching for the right information.

With this solution, managing your employee records becomes a straightforward process, with only a few clicks needed to update each employees’ data.

And again, because it serves as a single source of truth, anyone in your company accessing a particular record through the employee database management software knows for sure that they’re viewing the most current and up-to-date version.

All in all, the software solution automates this tedious HR process. This frees up your HR department to spend its time on tasks that bring more value to your company.

3. Empower Employees with Employee Self-service Portal

Another way that employee database management software can eliminate low-value tasks for your HR department, is if it also offers a self-service portal for your employees.

Such a portal would give your employees instant, secure and controlled access to your company’s employee database, and to make updates to their records as needed on a limited basis.

For example, these portals often enable your employees to submit applications for their annual and medical leave, without having to go through your HR personnel.

This not only eliminates the low-value task of handling employee leave for your HR department, it also drives employee engagement by giving them control over their own hours and vacation, and thus reduce workplace frustrations related to this.

4. Facilitates Communication During Performance Appraisals

Now that we’ve covered the ways that an employee database management software can automate away the low-value tasks for your HR department, let’s take a look at how it can also support their high-value obligations.

With employee information unified by the solution into a single database, your HR managers have the employee information they’ll need at their fingertips, when it comes time for performance appraisals.

User access controls in an employee database management software allows your HR managers more control over employee information, giving them greater leeway to share what they think is necessary with individual employees during their performance appraisals.

This also helps them communicate your company’s expectations of your employees more clearly, and makes it easier for your HR managers to motivate, and set goals, for said employees.

All in all, such a solution helps to promote stress-free communication between your employees and managers, enabling them to work together to further your business goals.

5. Leverage HR Data Analytics

One way an employee database management software can provide immense value for your company is how it unifies employee data, provides a single source of truth into the performance of your workforce.

This makes it possible to effectively apply data analytics on relevant employee data. Some of the relevant employee data you can utilise in data analytics include turnover rates, to productivity lavels and hours worked.

This not only makes it easier to handle the crushing weight of employee data you have to manage on a daily basis, it also turns that data from a burden into an asset. You can use it to generate custom HR reports that gives you additional insights into your company’s workforce, and use them to make data-driven strategic decisions.

6. Provides Visibility Into Your Organisational Tree

Last but not least, an employee database management software can shed light on the organisation structure of your company with the right features.

Such solutions usually come with an organisation chart (or org chart), which provides a clear visualisation of the team structure and hierarchy in your company. 

They also provide a team directory that provides a quick overview of the names and faces in your workforce, and allows you to filter by details (such as location, job title, department etc.) to help you find the exact person you’re looking for.

This makes it easier to plan and measure the workloads of each and every individual in your workforce.

Centralise Your Employee Records With An Employee Database Management Software Today

A cloud-based employee database management software is a powerful tool for unifying all of the disparate employee data scattered across your company, to create a self-contained database that serves as a single source of truth into your workforce.

And this can pay dividends for your company’s overall performance. Not only does it streamline your HR processes and makes them more efficient, it also frees your HR department to take up tasks that provide more value for your company.

And by applying data analytics to the employee records stored in the database of this solution, you can even gain actionable insights into your company’s workforce that can inform your business decisions in the future.

For an employee database management software that comes with all the features necessary to help you organize all of your employee records, you can do so with Omni HR – a platform that serves as the central hub for your employee data.

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