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Wherever you are in your journey, Omni has an online module that can meet your HR needs.

Employee-records (1)

Digitize your employee records and keep them secure, organized and up-to-date.

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Onboarding (1)

Save time and automate your new hire onboarding tasks with a seamless workflow.

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Streamline your recruitment process and hire the best talents.

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Performance-management (1)

Organize and conduct effective performance reviews for better feedback and communications.

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Time-off (1)

Easily manage, track and approve time off anytime, anywhere.

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Record-attendance (1)

Automate time tracking, review and confirm timesheets with a single click.

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Payroll (1)

Review and prepare payroll with ease with accurate and up-to data.

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Documents (1)

Store, organize, and e-sign employee documents in one digital system.

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A smarter way to manage your people

Let us handle all the admin tasks. So you can focus on your people.

Your digital HR hub

Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets and documents. Keep everything digitalised and stored in one central place. Manage your team in Singapore with a single HR system.

Automate manual, repetitive tasks

Don’t waste time chasing paperwork, updating employee data manually, or preparing repetitive reports. Let Omni do it for you.

Scale your unique people process

Unlike older and more rigid HR softwares, Omni lets you customise databases and workflows easily, so you won't have to change how you work to fit a system.

Dedicated Success Manager

Never have to raise tickets for anything, our Customer Success Manager will always be here for you.

Let’s make it easier for you and everyone in your team

Suitable for anyone in the company. Omni’s all-in-one HR software has got you covered.

Business owners

Get access to your people insights. Have the confidence to make data-driven decisions by referring to your HR software instead of doing the guesswork.

HR Manager

HR managers

Simplify HR processes by automating your workflows and leaving everything to the system. Enjoy spending more time managing your people.


Be empowered by the ease of tracking and managing your tasks and achievements. Have more control over your personal data.

You're in good company

See how Omni powers some of the fastest-growing companies in the region


As a seasoned user of various HR software, I’ve found Omni’s level of attention and dedication in assisting their customers surpasses countless reputable HR providers in the market. 

Omni truly understands the challenges HR professionals face, and their platform is perfect for any fast-growing companies looking to resolve modern HR problems.

Bilal Waris

Head of People & Culture, Wagely


Thanks to Omni, the onboarding process at Ajaib is now quick and easy. 

Omni has helped us become well-organized in data management and it has made the procedure seamless. It is now very easy to manage employee data with a few clicks.

What we love about Omni is how customizable and easy-to-use it is!

wiji mulyati

Wiji Mulyati

Employee Engagement Lead, Ajaib


I’m blown away by Omni’s commitment to build a better HR software to help business resolve their HR challenges.

We are able to customize the system based on our company’s needs, which I can’t say would have been possible with other vendors in the market. For any fast-growing companies out there, Omni is the HR system for you.

sally fu

Sally Fu

HR & Finance Manager, Reap

Frequently Asked Questions About HR Systems in Singapore

Human resources (HR) departments use different types of software to manage their operations and the employee lifecycle effectively. A popular type of HR software in Singapore is the performance review software, which simplifies and automates the review process with customisable settings, reminders, and expert-curated questions. The software also provides reports and analytics based on performance data to help organisations make informed decisions, saving an organisation time and streamlining the performance review process. Other HR modules, such as human resources information systems (HRIS), can help streamline administrative tasks and ensure compliance with labour laws. These software tools enable HR departments to be more efficient, accurate, and effective in managing their workforce.

HR software streamlines HR teams’ HR processes, such as managing employee data, leave management, payroll processing, recruitment tracking, and more. From filtering through applications to automating onboarding workflows, leveraging HR systems enables HR professionals in Singapore to manage workforce-related tasks efficiently, automate routine administrative tasks, and access real-time analytics to make data-driven decisions.

An all-in-one HR software like Omni provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing various HR operations. It typically includes modules for recruitment management, onboarding, performance review, time off tracking, amongst others. By integrating these functions into a single platform, the software helps HR teams streamline processes, increase efficiency, and reduce errors in managing the entire employee lifecycle. In addition to saving time and resources, an all-in-one HR software can also provide valuable insights into workforce analytics and help organisations make data-driven decisions to improve their HR practices.

Options for HR systems are aplenty in Singapore. Begin by assessing your organisation’s HR requirements and identifying which features are essential. Ensure the system is scalable, flexible, and customisable to adapt to future needs. Also consider the difficulty level of setting the system up, the duration of integration, and the provision of localised after-sales support and services by the HR software provider. 

To make sure that you are equipped with the best technology to help your business better manage your people, Omni offers comprehensive solutions from time off management software to employee onboarding software. Our comprehensive suite of HR solutions ensures that your business can keep track of employee information easily and efficiently manage the end-to-end employee lifecycle.

Omni helps businesses automate their end-end employee management by eliminating manual data entries and paperwork. That means more time-saving, and zero errors.

Unlike other HR software, Omni’s platform is modern and easy to use. It’s so intuitive that users can get started right away. Our platform automates your end-end HR processes and provides you with a single source of truth. In addition, it is customisable and scalable to meet your business needs.

Our plan starts from $3 per employee per month, with add-ons available depending on your needs. Our pricing plan is suitable for companies of all sizes.

Getting started with Omni is easy! The implementation time depends on the size of the company. For most companies with 50-500 employees, the implementation would take 3-4 weeks to complete. Free implementation would be given if you sign up for a one-year contract or longer.

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