How Wagely Increased Productivity with Omni’s All-in-One HR Suite


Asia’s leading financial wellness platform Wagely reduces financial stress and boosts employee productivity by providing a sustainable solution for employees’ financial management. In providing visibility into employees’ daily earnings, Wagely has proven to decrease turnover, enhance retention, and increase business savings.

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As a seasoned user of various HR software, I’ve found Omni’s level of attention and dedication in assisting their customers surpasses countless reputable HR providers in the market. Omni truly understands the challenges HR professionals face, and their platform is perfect for any fast-growing companies looking to resolve modern HR problems.

How Omni Adds Value to Wagely


The Challenge

Amid rapid growth, Wagely’s human-dependent onboarding system could no longer sustain the influx of new employees. In addition to time-consuming data entry and human-errors, teams began to expand into various countries and their current system lacked the required standardization and consistency across regions to effectively support employees.

Omni's Solution

Omni allows HR teams to create templates for their onboarding workflows and task sequences, as well as manages task reminders and progress tracking for any number of new employees. In creating a seamless and scalable onboarding experience for employees, Wagely strengthens their employer brand and saves valuable time for their HR teams to focus on providing new hires with a stellar onboarding experience.

The Results

Human errors

Led to a consistent, seamless onboarding experience for new employees

 Time off

The Challenge

Expanding teams means complex accrual and proration management for HR teams. Wagely began to outgrow their existing time off management system, causing pain points such as inaccuracies and lack of transparency in offering a clear breakdown of how entitlements are calculated for employees.

Omni's Solution

Omni’s time off empowers employees by allowing them to log into the system and view a clear breakdown of their leave balance, and submit and track their leave requests. Omni automatically monitors, tracks, and evaluates employee time allowance, freeing up HR to focus on other pressing responsibilities, while avoiding discrepancies and delays for employees.

The Results

Full visibility

Employees are able to self-manage time off requests, increasing HR’s productivity by reducing the strain of administrative management

Employee Record Management

The Challenge

Wagely’s employee tracking system lacked the data necessary to effectively and efficiently support employee growth. Whether managing compensation or promotional goals, Wagely’s HR team recognized the need for customized insights to better aid their employees’ career journey.

Omni's Solution

With Omni’s fully customizable employee database, Wagely’s team was able to build a more robust tracking system to aid HR in making more strategic decisions for their employees such as assessing compensation adjustments and employee promotions. The intuitive interface easily adapts to business needs, growing and transforming as Wagely expands, and increasing employee satisfaction and retention.

The Results


Automated record management gave valuable time back to HR teams to invest in strategic matters