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Spend less time tracking with employee attendance software


Looking to automate your time and attendance tracking?

Managing employees’ attendance can be a time-consuming process, particularly if it is done manually. If your organisation is expanding in Indonesia or overseas, it can become increasingly difficult for HR to know who is working when and how much they are working. 

To combat this, consider automating the tracking of employee attendance. You can unlock higher productivity and make the most of your time with Omni’s integrated timesheet and attendance management software.


Make time tracking a lot easier

Whether your company is growing or operating remotely in Indonesia, Omni’s attendance management software can be a valuable time-saving tool for your HR department.

Time tracking
Automate overtime

Automate overtime and absence calculations

Leave overtime tracking to us. Omni’s employee attendance software automatically calculates overtime based on your working hour schedules so you can enjoy a peace of mind.

Approve timesheets with a single click

Customise the approval workflow based on your needs. Approvers can easily review and confirm timesheets with a single click. Our time attendance management software might just be what your HR team needs to improve their processes.

Approve timesheets
Configure time

Configure time tracking the way you need

Easily customise work hours and overtime by department or by employee, exactly the way that fits your company needs.

Have full visibility on time data

Easily run reports in a few clicks to see your team’s work hours, overtime information, and attendance records with Omni’s attendance management software.

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