Employee Self-service Software

Give your employees access to a self service portal

Employee self-service

Want to improve org efficiency and save valuable working time?

Empower your employees with access to Omni’s self-service portal. They can independently check time off balance, view payslips, update their personal info on the portal and more. This minimises disruptions to your daily work.

employee self service

Time off & attendance records

What is my time off balance? How many hours did I clock in last week? Omni’s self-service portal gives employees access to their own portal to find out the answers to their questions.
Time off attendance

Up-to-date employee profile

Keep the employee profiles updated. Grant your team access to the self-service portal to fill up their personal information for your review and approval.

Directory & public profiles

Get to know your team better. Team directory and employee public profiles made available on Omni’s self-service software give everyone the opportunity to learn more about their team.
Upcoming events

Upcoming events & celebrations

Never miss out on employees’ birthdays, work anniversaries, or new hires’ start dates. Celebrate together and build a better workplace culture.

Full control on access permission

You have full control on system access and what information each individual sees. Be rest assured that sensitive employee data is safeguarded and only accessible by those who need it.
Access control

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