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Choosing the right platform is critical. Learn why Omni's all-in-one HR software is a smarter alternative to BambooHR for forward-thinking, modern companies to support their growing teams.

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The extensive functionalities of BambooHR assist you in providing assistance to your staff, help scale your business, and enable you to dedicate more time to activities such as retaining employees and boosting their engagement.


Omni HR

Omni supports local payroll in local currencies across Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines & Thailand) so you don’t have to use another payroll solution on top of your HRIS


BambooHR is focused on the US and have no plans to include payroll support in Asia anytime soon

Transparent & Affordable Pricing

Omni HR

Omni scales with your business and offers a friendly pricing plan that starts from $3 because we are a solution built by an efficient team, for an efficient team like you


BambooHR offers a lot of functionalities for a HRIS but at $8.75, BambooHR is almost 3x more expensive than Omni

Implementation and support

Omni HR

Omni offers you a dedicated implementation team and customer success manager in Asia to set you up for success in as little as 2 weeks.


BambooHR takes as long as 4 weeks for you to get started and you will have to hop on meetings in US friendly time zones. No one likes getting on 12 am meetings.

Do it all in Omni with an affordable price

Get and stay organized. One place for everything.

Employee-records (1)

Digitize your employee records and keep them secure, organized and up-to-date.

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Onboarding (1)

Save time and automate your new hire onboarding tasks with a seamless workflow.

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Streamline your recruitment process and hire the best talents.

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Performance-management (1)

Organize and conduct effective performance reviews for better feedback and communications.

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Time-off (1)

Easily manage, track and approve time off anytime, anywhere.

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Record-attendance (1)

Automate time tracking, review and confirm timesheets with a single click.

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Payroll (1)

Review and prepare payroll with ease with accurate and up-to data.

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Documents (1)

Store, organize, and e-sign employee documents in one digital system.

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Grow your business, not your cost

Omni doesn’t break the bank and can scale with the changing needs of a fast-growing business. Say goodbye to bloated HR systems that charge you for features you don’t need

Get Instant ROI

Say goodbye to costly and time-consuming manual HR tasks, and focus on strategic HR initiatives and employee engagement, while reducing the risk of errors and compliance issues.

Our customers saw 30% productivity growth and 98% reduction in manual errors

Simple and transparency pricing

Compared to BambooHR, Omni comes with a simple pricing that is 3x cheaper while offering unlimited usage of the product and similar functions.

Starting from 3$/mo, Omni comes with a dedicated Success Manager that can go much deeper than just a simple chat widget. Check it out!

What our customers have to say


As a seasoned user of various HR software, I’ve found Omni’s level of attention and dedication in assisting their customers surpasses countless reputable HR providers in the market. 

Omni truly understands the challenges HR professionals face, and their platform is perfect for any fast-growing companies looking to resolve modern HR problems.

Bilal Waris

Head of People & Culture


Thanks to Omni, the onboarding process at Ajaib is now quick and easy. 

Omni has helped us become well-organized in data management and it has made the procedure seamless. It is now very easy to manage employee data with a few clicks.

What we love about Omni is how customizable and easy-to-use it is!

Wiji Mulyati

Employee Engagement Lead


I’m blown away by Omni’s commitment to build a better HR software to help business resolve their HR challenges.

We are able to customize the system based on our company’s needs, which I can’t say would have been possible with other vendors in the market. For any fast-growing companies out there, Omni is the HR system for you.

sally fu

Sally Fu

HR & Finance Manager

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