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Local payroll support

Omni supports payroll in Asia, so you don’t have to rely on another payroll solution outside of your HRIS.

Automate pay calculations

Say goodbye to chaotic lists. Salary-related data is done for you automatically. All you have to do is verify and approve.

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Why Omni?

Managing payroll for global teams is a challenge!
Omni HR takes the heavy lift by simplifying payroll process across your global offices. Be confident on every payroll with data accuracy, in a timely manner. Say goodbye to huge administration time, and spare more time for your business.

As a seasoned user of various HR software, I’ve found Omni’s level of attention and dedication in assisting their customers surpasses countless reputable HR providers in the market.
Omni truly understands the challenges HR professionals face, and their platform is perfect for any fast-growing companies looking to resolve modern HR problems.
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Seamless payroll for modern teams

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Save time

Automate your payroll calculation

Never waste time again on manually collecting payroll data across countries and trying to centralize the payroll information. By using the relevant data points, Omni automatically determines the correct amount for every employee.

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Review payroll variations at a glance

New hire? Salary adjustments? Multiple currencies? Omni automatically highlights these changes, so you don't miss anything and always ensure accuracy.

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Data Accuracy

Ensure accurate, up-to-date data at all times

Whenever you update information in your employee records, it will be automatically synchronized to payroll, ensuring everything is up-to-date.

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Send out payslips in seconds

Bulk upload your payslips and let Omni take care of distributing them to your employees. Your team will receive email notifications to stay informed.

Effortless Report

Prepare payroll reports with ease

Easily download the preset reports to review historical changes in compensations, or create custom reports to analyze payroll data the way you want.

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Are you spending too much time every month on payroll?

Find out how Omni HR helps fast-growing global businesses save both time and cost

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