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Employee Performance

Level up your performance with 360-degree feedback

Self Review

Uncover strengths and career goals through self-assessment, igniting your professional development

Manager Review

Drive employee growth and development with supervisor feedback.

Peer Review

Celebrate team success and promote fair and transparent performance evaluations with peer review

Upward Review

Gain a holistic view of performance and drive organizational excellence with 360-degree feedback.


Seamless & Effective automated performance reviews

Stay consistent and save time so you can focus on the tough stuff. Omni streamlines the entire process with a single click.

Flexible Performance Setup

Create crystal-clear goals and ensure everyone is rowing in the same direction. Customize settings, reminders, and messages to fit your needs.


Customize performance review form

Create custom appraisal forms in a snap. Choose from a variety of question types, including short answers, multiple choices, and rating scales, to get the insights you need.

Built-in template and best practice

Omni provides curated question templates and best practices sourced from talent management experts, helping your streamline the performance review process and maximize its effectiveness.


Insights and Analytics

Gain inspiration for performance review questions with Omni's extensive collection of curated question templates and best practices, carefully sourced from talent management experts.


"As a seasoned user of various HR software, I’ve found Omni’s level of attention and dedication in assisting their customers surpasses countless reputable HR providers in the market.

Omni truly understands the challenges HR professionals face, and their platform is perfect for any fast-growing companies looking to resolve modern HR problems."

Bilal Waris

Head of People & Culture

"Thanks to Omni, the onboarding process at Ajaib is now quick and easy. Omni has helped us become well-organized in data management and it has made the procedure seamless. It is now very easy to manage employee data with a few clicks.

What we love about Omni is how customizable and easy-to-use it is!"

Wiji Mulyati

Employee Engagement Lead

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