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Save time and automate your new hire onboarding tasks with a seamless workflow

new hire onboarding

Customizable onboarding tasks and workflows

Build your own template of onboarding workflows and task sequences. Omni then automatically sends out tasks to your team and tracks everyone’s completion progress.

Onboarding workflows

Efficient information and document collections

No more back-and-forth communications and manual data entries. Get everyone to upload and input their important information in one place. Save time and improve accuracy.

Digitized offers & employment contracts

Sending out offers has never been easier. Create a smart offer letter template using Omni’s document editor, and send it directly to your new hire without needing to manually edit the content each time.

Digital offer letter
App provisioning

Automated software account creations

Have to manually create software and email accounts one by one? Omni seamlessly integrates with your favorite apps, so you can magically create accounts for your new hires with a single click.

Superior onboarding experience

First impressions count. Create a unique virtual onboarding experience that supercharges your employer brand and welcomes your new hire the modern way, whether they are in-office or remote.

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