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Wondering how you can streamline your recruitment process?

Managing the hiring and interview processes can be chaotic and overwhelming. But with a little organisation, you can keep things moving smoothly. Omni’s recruitment management software helps you with that by optimising your recruitment workflows. By streamlining your process and automating repetitive tasks, allows you to maximise your time, so you can focus on finding the best candidates for your team.

We streamline every step of the hiring process to help our clients get


faster in finding and hiring the right candidate!

Attract more applicants

Omni is the perfect tool for making sure your job ads reach the right audience. With its powerful targeting capabilities, you can make sure your ad reaches the right people, at the right place, and time. In just one click, you can easily create and publish job postings on Linkedin and 30+ major job boards to search for the best talents.

Job boards
Candidate database

Manage your candidates with ease

With Omni’s HR recruitment software, you can sync all candidate applications in one place and easily collaborate with hiring managers to schedule interviews and collect interview feedback.

Automate recruitment workflows and emails

Simply set up your HR recruitment workflows once, and let Omni’s software be responsible for sending offers, rejections, and coordinating interviews.
Recruitment workflows
Career page

Create your own branded career page

Create a professional, branded career recruitment page with no IT management required. You will get automatically notified by the software when candidates apply to the job.

Hire the best talents

Your top candidates are only a click away. With Omni’s function to send digital offer packets, you can quickly and easily deliver them the information they need to make a decision. Plus, you’ll be able to create a unique pre-boarding experience while keeping track of their progress and ensuring that everything is in order.