The Ultimate Employee Handbook Template

Employee handbook template cover

As an integral component of a successful onboarding program, employee handbooks provide essential information and direction to welcome new hires, and serve as an easy-to-reference guide throughout the employee lifecycle.   But there’s a lot of information to cover and it can be difficult to know where to begin. Omni’s employee handbook template offers a […]

The Comprehensive Employee Offboarding Checklist

HR's Comprehensive Offboarding Checklist

Offboarding presents an opportunity to gather valuable information about your employee experience. Utilizing offboarding checklists help aid in a smooth and positive offboarding experience that promotes a positive employer brand for both the existing and departing employees. Start facilitating a smooth transition that keeps company goals on track with our employee offboarding checklist. Our offboarding […]

Employee Time-off Request Form Template

Employee Time-off Request Form Template

Your employees work hard, and sometimes they need a break. Whatever the reason, HR teams and managers need a system to easily track and manage time off requests for their employees. This time off request form makes it easy to gather the information you need to manage employee time and attendance. What’s included in our […]