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Want to review your team’s performance more effectively and drive motivation?

Omni’s performance appraisal software makes it much easier for you to design, schedule, and run performance reviews. Manage and monitor how your team works, so you can gain insights into how to enhance your team’s performance. With this information in hand, you can make more informed decisions.


of Omni customers have identified new actionable insights about their team after using Omni’s performance management module

Performance reviews automated

Tired of compiling performance review forms? Or chasing your team to complete forms? Save yourself the hassle with Omni’s performance review software. Automate the process with just a few clicks.

Performance reviews
Flexible cycles

Flexible performance cycles setup

Experiencing a portion of your time spent on setting up performance reviews? Automate performance cycles for the entire company or specific teams with performance appraisal software. You can customise performance settings, reminders, and messages with a single click.

Customised performance review form

Use Omni’s performance builder to create appraisal forms that fit your needs. We support all question types, from short answers to multiple choices and rating scales.
Performance review templates

Built-in templates and best practices

Unsure of how to create performance reviews or the types of questions to include? With Omni’s performance review software you can curate questions and gain access to best practices sourced from talent management experts.

Insights & analytics

Create reports and analytics seamlessly based on performance data received from your team. This data helps you uncover insights and make better informed decisions.
Insights analytics

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