Our story

We are making employee management easier for everyone!

Until now, there is not a good enough employee management software that is built holistically for the end-to-end employee lifecycle. Most companies end up managing part (or all!) of their people processes manually and wasting too much time on syncing data across different teams and different systems.

We believe there needs to be a better way! Omni is creating a flexible and truly all-in-one HR solution that adapts to how companies operate. We want to help companies automate the entire employee lifecycle and turn complex, manual processes into intuitive, automated workflows.

We are enabling HR managers and business owners to focus their time on what really matters – fostering better company culture and growing happier, more productive teams.

Who are we

Omni is an HR tech company headquartered in Singapore and with a global footprint.

We are a team of experienced HR professionals and passionate technologists who are committed to creating the next-generation employee management platform.

We take pride in our product and the value we create for our customers. We are constantly seeking improvements and aspire to be the HR software partner that grows together with our customers!

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