Time off

Manage and track time off with ease

track time off

Tired of manually tracking time off balance in spreadsheets and risking the chance of errors?

It’s time for a change! Omni monitors, tracks and evaluates employee performance to ensure your team is motivated and company goals are on track.
time off management

Flexible policy settings

Have different policies for different team members? No problem, Omni allows you the flexibility to create as many time off policies as you need. You can assign them to individuals, specific teams, or the whole company.

Time off policy
Accurate balance

Accurate balance and accruals

Whether it’s complex accrual, proration, or carryover limit, Omni is able to handle your time off calculations accurately and show a clear breakdown of how entitlements are calculated.

Approve and track time off requests

Get notified immediately for any time off requests and approve them with a single click. It’s that easy.

Time off approval
Team calendar

Team calendar

Who is out of office? Who is WFH? Get a clear view of your team’s time off and work schedule at a glance.

Public holiday calendars

Don’t be bothered by needing to manually maintain public holiday schedules in the system. Omni comes natively with data feeds of public holidays in over 190 countries.