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Bilal Waris

Head of People & Culture

Omni truly understands the challenges HR professionals face, and their platform is perfect for any fast-growing companies looking to resolve modern HR problems.

Travis Loh

HR Manager

Switching to Omni HR was one of the best decisions we’ve made. Their support team is the best I’ve ever had the privilege to work with. Reliable, accommodating, professional, and knowledgeable.

Mónica Duque

Head of People

I love that every single functionality is flexible so we can customize anything to meet the unique needs of our company. Working with Omni is an amazing experience, I feel that they’re more like our partners than our HRIS.

Lovely Tan

Country People Manager

The system’s interface is very intuitive and highly customizable – any employee data we want to add or remove, we can do. The automated workflows also save us time and have reduced human errors.

Shux Mazur

Chief People Officer

Omni’s uniquely flexible features allow us to customize HR operations for each country we operate in, ensuring we meet regional requirements. They impressed us with their exceptional customer service and proactive approach to gathering client feedback.

Tengku Mohaizad

Head of HR
Inspire Brands Asia

Omni surpasses our expectation as a comprehensive HRIS solution. Its clean and intuitive interface, coupled with robust customization options, stable performance, and exceptional customer support, make it an invaluable asset to our organization. We look forward to leveraging the full potential of Omni to drive HR excellence and achieve our strategic objectives.

Puvi Ravi

HR Manager

Omni takes away the stress of following up on crucial HR tasks and helps us execute seamless workflows. As a team, we’re able to better plan our time and focus on the human element of HR to best support our employees.

Sally Fu

Head of Internal Operations

I’m blown away by Omni’s commitment to build a better HR software to help businesses resolve their HR challenges. For any fast-growing companies out there, Omni is the HR system for you.

Our solutions

Omni makes your job so much easier

Customizable employee database

Fit all your employee data in one place. Easily customize the employee database exactly the way you need.

Unlimited document storage

Centralize all your employee documents in one place. No more searching through files.

Reports & analytics

Transform data into actionable insights for better informed decisions.

Unlimited task sequences

Build your own template of workflows and task sequences based on your organization needs.

Info and docs request

Save time and improve accuracy. Get employees to upload files and input data directly in Omni.

Automated reminders

Omni keeps you and your team informed about key events and outstanding tasks.

Appraisal form builder

Digitize appraisal forms with any question types you need. Automate performance cycle management.


Set goals and align on objectives easily across the entire organization.

Performance and HR data combined

Maintain a holistic view of employee performance data with historical performance reviews, feedback, and development plans all in one place.

Flexible time off policies

Customize time off policies and assign them flexibly across your team.

Automatic holiday calendar feed

Omni natively integrates with public holidays in 190+ countries; no need for you to manually update public holiday schedules one by one.

Attendance management

Track working hours, project codes, and overtime approvals in one place.

Multi-country payroll

Run automated, compliant payroll for multiple countries all within Omni.

Compliant with local regulations

Our system automatically determines the correct amount of deductions, withholding, and net payout based on the latest statutory standards.

Expense management

Seamlessly track and approve reimbursement request across your team.

Why Omni

Why modern teams prefer Omni


Reduction in admin tasks


Time saved with automation


Faster onboarding

End-to-end employee lifecycle — automated

Omni automates the entire lifecycle — from crucial HR functions like payroll, onboarding, and performance reviews — to tedious tasks such as compliance tracking, leave balances, and email reminders, freeing you up to focus on strategic efforts.

on every level

We understand that HR practice is different in every organization. Therefore we build everything flexible to fit your unique needs.

HR + Payroll combined

Our all-in-one system is built to serve as your single-source of truth of employee data, combining HR and Payroll in one place.

Customer support that truly cares

We’ve been told we’re more like a friend that’s an HR master than a “support team”. Our team goes the extra mile to get you solutions for whatever you need.

Modern, easy to use

Getting started with Omni HR is easy. Our intuitive and modern interface ensures that your team get used to the platform in no time.


Omni HR is ISO 27001 certified. We apply end-to-end encryption to ensure maximum protection to your employee data.


Seamlessly integrate with all of your tools

Streamline your workflows while seamlessly integrating with the platforms you use the most. Omni plugs into your team’s favourite tools so you don’t miss a beat.

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