Document & e-signatures

Easily create, store and sign employee documents

e-sign documents

Chasing for documents and signatures over emails? Uploading documents manually to a shared drive?

There is an easier way. Omni helps you send and collect documents from employees, follow up with system reminders, and store completed documents directly in employee profiles.
docs & e-sign

Company document database

Store your employee handbook and organizational documents in a centralized portal for everyone’s easy access.

Document database

Smart document templates

Create smart templates using Omni’s built-in document editor. The fields will automatically sync with employee data so you never need to manually edit the content again each time before you send out.

Electronic signatures

Signing documents is now a breeze. You can send employees a digital document for them to sign directly in Omni. Best of all, it supports multiple signers.


Easy to request and send documents

Manage your document workflows with ease. The documents you send or request through the system are automatically sync in the respective employee profiles.

Auto reminders and notifications

Chasing outstanding documents is a thing of the past. Omni helps you follow up on outstanding tasks and inform you when documents are completed.