7 Tips on How to Improve Your Core HR

7 Tips on How to Improve Your Core HR

The role of an HR within a company comes with multiple functions and responsibilities. While their duties are crucial to the success of a business, the tasks are tedious, repetitive, and hectic.  With HR software, it automates the manual tasks commonly seen in HR processes. The HR team can perform more effectively while minimizing errors. […]

Tips on Tackling Tough Conversations at Work

Tip on Tackling Tough Conversations at Work

Communication is the key to a business’s success, be it with the stakeholders or the employees. Managers often have to deal with difficult conversations with employees, whether addressing poor performance or low motivation. We are here to discuss how managers can coach staff members toward a solution, approach them with empathy, and offer ongoing assistance. […]

Optimize your Onboarding: 8 Tips to Increase Employee Retention

8 Tips To Ensure Your New Joiners Actually Join

Keeping talent engaged and invested in your company is an ongoing responsibility for HR teams. While company culture and attractive benefits are certainly key components to retaining employees, retention efforts begin as early as onboarding. In fact, an effective employee onboarding process has been shown to increase retention rates by 80% and improve overall productivity […]

The Pros And Cons Of 360° Performance Reviews For Your Employees, Teams And Managers

The Pros And Cons Of 360° Performance Reviews For Your Employees, Teams And Managers

With work-from-home (WFH) much more common than before, and more employees on remote and hybrid working arrangements, the need to rework the performance review process have been apparent for many companies. And the 360° performance review has emerged as the way forward in a post COVID-19 work environment, for many good reasons. It involves gathering […]

Why Driving Employee Engagement Leads To Higher Growth, And How You Can Do So

How Engaging Your Employees Increases Your Company’s Growth

The level of employee engagement in your workforce greatly influences how successful your company will be. Gallup’s Q12 meta-analysis of business units in 96 countries found a strong link between engagement and performance outcomes such as employee retention, productivity, safety, and profitability Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted employee engagement across the board. According to […]

How Managers Can Help Low-Performing Employees?

10 Ways to Help your Low-Performing Employees

The 80/20 Pareto’s principle explains that 80% of the results come from 20% of the employees in talent management. However, an organization should build robust systems that can make every employee a high performer. In every company, there is a section of employees who perform below average expectations due to various reasons. That could be […]

Is Your Team Going Through Burnout?

Is Your Team Going Through Burnout?

Are your team members losing the motivation to work? Do you think they lack energy and work satisfaction is what you are witnessing these days? And when approached for communication or solutions to problems, the employee goes around being impatient and has a defensive approach. The common conclusion to all these symptoms is “Burnout”. Burnout […]

The Importance of 1-on-1 Meetings

The importance of 1-1 meetings

1-on-1 meetings allow you to establish a relationship built on trust with your peers and allow you to give positive or constructive feedback in a much better way. According to a survey, 75% of managers said that they discussed development and growth in 1-on-1 meetings. The primary reason is that employees are more likely to […]