Top 10 Best HR Podcasts For People Leaders

People leaders are busy. Between maintaining the engagement and productivity of an entire organization and keeping up with ever changing work trends and industry standards, there’s not a whole lot of time for your own learning and development. As it is, LinkedIn’s 2022 Workplace Learning Report found learning and development (L&D) professionals spend 35% less time learning than their other HR counterparts.

Yet continuous learning is key to not only best serving and nurturing your workforce, but in growing your skills and honing your craft. While taking continuing education courses and reading HR books are great ways to deepen your knowledge, podcasts are a great way to get your learning in on the go. Whether during your commute, lunch break, or even while completing routine tasks, HR pros can tune in to these podcasts and gain thought-provoking insights. 

Here we have a comprehensive list of the best HR podcasts to keep People Leaders updated with industry trends, emerging technologies, and innovative strategies. These podcasts cover many topics, including talent management, employee engagement, leadership development, diversity and inclusion, and more. 

1. Transform Your Workplace with Brandon Laws

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Transform Your Workplace comes in at number 1 on our list of best hr podcasts because it is your ultimate resource for creating a thriving and dynamic work environment. Whether you aspire to revolutionize your organization’s culture or seek inspiration from leading HR professionals and industry experts, this podcast is made for you.

Each week, you can listen to episodes that are around 30 minutes long, covering a wide range of topics. From tips on developing impactful leadership skills to the latest trends in the workplace, Laws has you covered. With guests ranging from visionary CEOs of top companies to performance psychologists and renowned authors, Transform Your Workplace offers well-rounded expert insights for every type of listener.

Recommended Episode: Feedback Reimagined with Jen Ostrich on Apple Podcasts

2. The HR Happy Hour Network with Steve and Trish

best HR podcasts

Running since 2009, The HR Happy Hour Network delves into common HR challenges and explores the exciting world of innovative technology within the field. As one of the best HR podcasts out there, listeners can expect a wide range of topics, from navigating the intricacies of working with the Gen Z and Gen Alpha to harnessing the full potential of AI tools for HR. The discussions are thought-provoking and provide valuable insights for anyone open to different viewpoints and eager to stay ahead in the HR landscape.

Recommended Episode: Harnessing AI for Talent Planning and Dynamic Transformation on Apple Podcasts

3. Whine with HR with Juls and Trish

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Whine with HR is a fun podcast that approaches the HR sector in a different way than most, making it stand out on this round up of best HR podcasts. Instead of complaining as the title would suggest, the hosts laugh about the craziness they’ve experienced in their 15+ years of working in HR. Juls and Trish share valuable solutions and tips while tackling specific challenges with a touch of humor. You can expect to hear common issues like managers struggling to manage their teams, with practical hacks to help. If you want to learn valuable HR tips and have a good laugh, we recommend checking out this podcast.

Recommended Episode: Managers (Not) Gonna Manage on Apple Podcasts

4. The HR Uprising Podcast with Lucinda Carney

best HR podcasts

The HR Uprising Podcast dives into the latest HR trends and challenges through insightful conversions with real-life HR, operational development, and L&D professionals. The podcast offers a variety of episodes, including in-depth “in focus” segments exploring specific topics and captivating “conversations with” episodes featuring expert interviews. 

We love how this podcast covers different areas, including how to effectively motivate employees, building a collaborative culture, closing the influence gap, and more. Overall, it is a valuable resource, providing both informative and enjoyable content for listeners and making it one of the best HR podcasts out there. 

Recommended Episode: Building a Collaborative Culture – with Deb Mashek on Apple Podcasts

5. DriveThruHR with Mike VanderVort

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DriveThruHR is a podcast that offers actionable insights on all the hottest HR topics, such as HR tech, talent management, and leadership practices. DriveThruHR is on the list of best HR podcasts because it’s episodes are thoughtfully designed to deliver a jam-packed 30-minute experience for listeners. It caters to HR technology beginners through its informative “Intro to HR Tech” series, providing valuable assistance and guidance.

In addition to its educational content, DriveThruHR keeps its audience updated with Workhuman Live, the exclusive HR event that addresses the most crucial workplace issues. Moreover, listeners can expect captivating episodes where the inner workings of HR and talent acquisition are revealed through compelling real-life tales.

Recommended Episode: Real Life Tales: 3 HR (Industry) Jobs…and the Candidate’s Experiences on Apple Podcasts

6. Digital HR Leaders with David Green

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Digital HR Leaders is a captivating podcast that engages in thought-provoking discussions with senior HR leaders specialized in data and analytics. This podcast addresses a top priority of HR professionals, which is to enhance their digital capabilities. 

Digital HR Leaders secures its spot on our best HR podcasts list due to the valuable insights into the remarkable outcomes achieved by organizations that base their decisions on data instead of guesswork. We strongly suggest listening to this podcast, as the guests include some of the brightest minds working in top corporations. Some topics of conversation include turning data into actionable insights, building collaborative work relationships, and top HR trends in 2023. 

Recommended Episode: How Johnson & Johnson are Scaling Their Skills-Based Approach to Talent (an Interview with Christina Norris-Watts, Ph.D & Doug Shagam) on Apple Podcasts

7. Honest HR with Callie Zipple

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Honest HR is a podcast that offers a refreshing perspective by sharing relatable stories that challenge conventional approaches. Its remarkable lineup of experts sharing real-life experiences sets itself apart from the other best HR podcasts.

For instance, when addressing the crucial subject of employee mental health and well-being within organizations, the episode featured the Chief Director of Employee Health and Well-being from Johns Hopkins Medicine. This episode, among many others, allows you to gain valuable insights from leading professionals in specific areas of expertise. 

Recommended Episode: Honest HR – Rich Safeer on Employee Mental Health and Wellness as a Team Sport  on Apple Podcasts

8. Rebel Human Resources Podcast by Kyle Roed

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Kyle Roed, also known as The HR Guy, delivers a weekly dose of expert insights and practical advice that you can immediately put into action on his Rebel Human Resources Podcast. Many of Roed’s guests are renowned authors in the field of People Management, bringing real life insights into their timely topics. 

While listening to the podcast, you’ll discover fascinating perspectives on empowering employees financially, nurturing impressive resumes, and leveraging AI for talent acquisition. You can expect a wealth of valuable information from top-notch professionals in the industry. 

Recommended Episode: RHR 153: The Future Workplace Experience with Kevin Mulcahy on Apple Podcasts

9. HR Party of One by Sarah Hecht

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The HR Party of One podcast is a comprehensive guide for small businesses and startups to tackle their HR challenges. This niche approach helps listeners deep dive into relevant topics of the field, adding to its value as one of the best HR podcasts.

From technical hurdles to strategic communication with employees, HR Party of One covers everything young HR teams are pondering. You’ll find in-depth discussions, expert advice, and actionable strategies to navigate these areas successfully.

What sets this podcast apart is its dedication to consistently delivering new content. With over 171 episodes already available, and new episodes being released weekly, you can stay updated with the latest trends, challenges, and solutions in the HR industry.

Recommended Episode: How To Coach and Manage Your Most Difficult Managers on Spotify

10. Bringing the Human Back to Human Resources with Traci Chernoff

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Finishing off our best HR podcasts is Bringing the Human Back to Human Resources. With each episode ranging from 20 minutes to an hour, Chernoff offers valuable insights, expert interviews, and timely discussions for HR pros of all skill levels.

We particularly enjoyed the recent episode where Traci explores how HR leaders can contribute to the increasing number of women in the workforce. The podcast also delves into controversial subjects, such as the impact of AI on HR jobs while also covering common questions on the mind of People leaders such as the best moments for HR to step in during workplace conflict.

Chernoff goes beyond providing generic advice, delivering actionable recommendations, and motivating HR leaders to take actionable steps in their careers.

Recommended Episode: The Importance of Mentorship to Organizations and DE+I (feat. Yalonda Brown) on Google Podcasts

Expanding Your HR Expertise

We love HR podcasts for their accessibility, as you can listen to them at any time that suits your schedule and preferences. Tune in to any of these 10 best HR podcasts for practical tips, thought-provoking discussions, and solutions to your queries. Whether you’re on your regular commute to work, taking short breaks throughout the day, or winding down before bed, these podcasts offer a convenient way to stay connected and updated with what’s happening in the world of HR.

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