5 Reasons to Switch to an All-In-One HR Software

16 September 2022

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Lynette Teo
Lynette Teo

Be it welcoming employees to your company, or saying goodbye, technology is making a lot of changes in the working process. In a PwC survey, 55% of employees said the biggest impact of cloud-based HR software on their business would bring changes to how their business processes would work. 

With the use of all-in-one HR software, your HR functions can be made easier. It is estimated that there will be a 12.8% increase in businesses adopting HR software from 2022 to 2030.

Here are the top 5 reasons to switch to All-In-One Software.

  • Eliminate spreadsheets for employee management
  • Time savings
  • Improve productivity
  • Up-to-date data
  • Data security

The above points define how human resources have developed over the years, and so did every organization’s zeal to enhance productivity. Be it a large-scale industry, or a small-scale one, you need to keep in mind that streamlining the workflow and process is the need of the hour. Today’s HR solution needs to include working your way with a comprehensive and agile approach.

Let’s get to know the above points in detail!

1. Eliminate Spreadsheets for Employee Management

Businesses today are still using excel sheets to handle employee data management. This results in the process being time-consuming and exposes crucial information to errors. 

There is a high probability of accidentally deleting a text in a cell, messing up a formula, or copying and pasting something incorrectly. These types of mistakes would be costly to the business. 

However, with all-in-one HR software, these can be avoided. There’s no need for HR to manually key in information, employees can log in and provide all their information, minimizing the chances of errors.

2. Time Savings

An all-in-one HR software helps automate and simplify manual HR tasks, reducing administration time by up to 70%. This allows HR to focus its time on strategic planning and execution. 

For example, managers will be notified of any time-off requests placed by employees. What’s more, get a quick overview of the number of leaves they applied for, and how many leaves are they left with, and approve or disapprove them with a push of a button. 

As an HR, you will be easily relieved from questions like, “How many leaves do I have? Or “Can I have the pay slips in PDF format for the last two months?” All these can be done through an employee self-service portal, employees will have access to their payslips, salary history, outstanding leaves, and more.

Usually, you will see small businesses spend hours and hours after running payroll. And when you choose to automate such a tedious process of salary and tax calculations, you can save both the time and money of the employees and the company, respectively.

3. Improve Productivity

HR software is a huge productivity booster!

It would be beneficial for all stakeholders in the company. Companies throughout industries and scales are adopting automation and digitization to enhance productivity at their utmost. HR software is one of the approaches wherein corporations are reworking digitally. 

It could make your whole process efficient. Keep in mind the following approaches:

  • Speed up your HR tasks with automation.
  • Create a centralized platform for access to information quickly.
  • Share employee data and documents with a few clicks.
  • Provide your employees with a self-service portal.
  • Access information on the go. Especially useful for companies that operate remotely or have offices around the world
  • Streamline performance management
  • Empower your manager to record targets and actions
  • Make changes, address the development, and increases the informal check-ins

4. Up-to-Date Data

When it comes to the HR database, the data required has to be absolutely accurate and to the point. You might need a highly accurate report to present statistics and decide your future budgeting on the basis of it.

The proper management of employee files has become a demanding prospect for HR software. And when your HR software comes with data management aspects, you can meet the demands in the face of data privacy laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This will help you resolve the rising incidences of workplace disputes.

Employees can replace their personal records and documents in the system with an Employee Self-Service (ESS). Virtually all HR software permits you to preserve a correct employee database and get the right of entry to statistics. All of this considering the current time as well as for the former people who have left the organization.

It is a great aspect to preserve employees’ private statistics, employment contracts, overall performance value determinations, and different records in a virtual cloud-based database. Ideally, HR needs to preserve directly to these records to reply efficiently on the occasion that a terminated worker brings a declaration towards you.

5. Data Security

HR software is involved in a lot of HR activities. This, even for a medium or small-sized company, will need to keep track of data that are extremely private and confidential. There are various things like salaries, employee addresses, social security numbers, and similar, that need to be kept secret.

Today’s HR software is built and designed with the utmost security, this ensures that all sensitive information is encrypted and firewalls are in place. This is more secure than keeping employees’ data on paper or hard drives that could easily be destroyed in the event of a flood, fire or a ransomware attack that leads to complete loss of data.

Such a recovery of data is extremely difficult to manage. With cloud-based HR software, disaster recovery is a swift and effective process for employees as well as HR. Data stored on the cloud gets backed up and saved in multiple locations as designated in the first place. Thus, even in times of a system failure or other issues, you can restore all information in a snap.


Now that you have known the perks of introducing an all-in-one HR software, you might know how most workforces can become productive. HR software can have your most precious resources to work with ultimate dedication and give out the most accurate results. 

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