OKR Software Comparison Guide 2024

23 February 2024

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Amanda Chua
Amanda Chua

Fortune Business Insights forecasts that “the global OKR software market size is projected to grow from $1.15 billion in 2023 to $2.98 billion by 2030, at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 14.6% during the forecast period.” 

The Asia Pacific region is expected to experience the fastest growth in the global market, surpassing America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. This growth is attributed to the increase in startups within the region. The increasing adoption of technology, including OKR management tools, enables companies to collect data and monitor performance effectively.

Companies of all sizes in countries like India, China, and Japan are also investing more in OKR software to enhance strategic operations. If you’re seeking the best OKR management tools for your business, this OKR software comparison guide will assist you in making an informed decision.

What is an OKR Management Tool?

OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. Objectives are the goals you have for the company, and key results are the strategies you employ to reach these objectives. You can use the key results to measure your success level for your company goals.

While you can manage OKR via regular collaboration tools, OKR management tools facilitate this by giving you a time-tested framework. Plus, they go beyond goal setting to boost communication, teamwork, and organization.

You can use OKR tools instead of or alongside regular collaboration tools to support your organization. This way, your team members will be focused on company goals.

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Criteria for a Good OKR Management Tool

OKR management tools

Understanding the criteria for OKR management tools helps you understand how we’ve created this OKR software comparison and even create your own based on what you value most. 

Goal and Objective Management

Do the OKR management tools you’re considering help you manage your business goals? Which features support that? Think of aspects like key result tracking, goal setting and alignment with OKRs, scorecards, and monthly or quarterly reviews of your OKRs.

Furthermore, high-level OKR tools should be able to spot bumps from a mile away, enabling you to provide your team with the needed resources and support. They should also align organizational goals with individual or team goals so that everyone understands how they fit into the bigger picture.

Add to that regular nudges to keep employees focused on your company goals, and you’ll enjoy the improved goal visibility and urgency of OKR management tools.

Usability and Collaboration

You can run an OKR software comparison by seeing how well OKR tools support usability and collaboration. Make sure the software’s collaborative features support your business needs and goals.

Features to look for in OKR tools include integrated boards, collaborating on meeting agendas, sharing items and notes, and shareable dashboards to track progress. Not to mention, OKR management tools should support integrations with collaborative software tools.

Overall, one of the key requirements for OKR tools is to give your workers a positive, hassle-free user experience, regardless of the user device and degree of digital literacy. So, are the OKR management tools you’re considering easy to use with engaging interfaces?

Data and Analytics

A key to goal management is real-time progress tracking. You need up-to-date data and analytics on progress and relevant variables from OKR management tools.

With such data, you can see how well you’re doing, remain aligned with the objectives, and adapt to changes via timely insights. On top of that, the visual displays on dashboards make the data easy to digest.

Consider whether the OKR management tools in your OKR software comparison harnesses automation and supports streamlined data collection, meeting-ready reports, frequent reviews, and easy data exportation. Of course, you also want OKR management tools that keep your company data confidential and comply with data protection laws.

Additional Considerations

With that said, there are some less obvious considerations that’ll help you invest in the right OKR management tools and put together a balanced OKR software comparison.


Making an OKR software comparison with the necessary functions for your business can help you stay within budget when you pick OKR management tools. Also, look for OKR tools with transparent pricing and no hidden charges.

Implementation and Support

An OKR comparison tool should show how easy OKR tools are to set up and add new users to these platforms. OKR management tools should have a clear layout and instructions and a solid, responsive customer support team by developers. They should understand the OKR software and strategy building; after all, it’s the people who design strategies (not the tools).

Customer Reviews

Naturally, user feedback in the form of customer reviews and ratings is informative and helpful in an OKR software comparison. It might inform you of any blindspots, how usable the OKR tools are, and how responsive the support teams are.

5 OKR Management Tools For 2024

OKR management tools

Based on the criteria mentioned above, we have created an OKR software comparison guide for your reference and determine which OKR management tools accommodate your business needs the best. 

Omni HR

Omni HR is an all-in-one HRIS platform that frees HR teams from administrative cycles by automating the entire end-to-end employee lifecycle—from recruitment and onboarding to employee engagement and payroll—allowing you to redirect your time to strategic work that drives business growth.

As one of the best OKR management tools, Omni’s intuitive performance management module provides advanced analytics, real-time insights, and streamlined processes. With Omni, set and track employee goals, performance review cycles, and access real-time actionable insights on employee performance in one, easy-to-use platform. 


  • OKR customization for your unique business needs
  • Setting and tracking employee goals in real-time
  • Run performance review cycles on autopilot
  • Flexible performance cycles setup
  • Built-in templates and best practices
  • Customized OKR review forms
  • Real-time actionable insights and analytics
  • Seamless integrations with your team’s favorite tools and softwares
  • Dedicated customer support with quick turnaround

Suitable for: 

Omni HR is suitable for modern and growing businesses looking to automate OKR management with seamless integrations with existing workflows, real-time actionable insights and customization. With our dedicated customer support with quick turnaround time, your business is in good hands. is a user-friendly OKR management tool. It combines OKR defining, tracking, and alignment with performance management, task management, and team engagement. In that sense, the platform supports organizational growth.

This OKR tool guides you through a Plan-Execute-Engage-Learn cycle. You can set customized OKRs, track them easily, use collaborative features to boost engagement levels, and use the tool’s generated data to learn and fine-tune the process.

Not to mention, has integrations with Slack, HubSpot, Jira, Salesforce, and Microsoft Teams. If that isn’t enough, it allows you to customize integrations. The one drawback is that this software can be too complex for small teams.


  • Real-time progress tracking for organizational and individual goal alignment
  • Weekly informed check-ins to keep company goals at the forefront
  • Consistent performance monitoring for team workflow management
  • Skills and talent evaluation to streamline project execution
  • Collaborative features for higher engagement levels
  • Integrated with Slack, HubSpot, Jira, Salesforce, and Microsoft Teams

Suitable For: is one of the OKR management tools designed for not-so-small teams with employees who aren’t tech-savvy.


Weekdone is one of the notable OKR management tools in our OKR software comparison for weekly performance management. With its help, you can set and customize your structured goals and track them with constant pulse insights.

You can define, oversee, and align tasks and objectives and improve company-wide communication. We should also mention the platform’s support of quarterly OKR management and team collaboration on goals.

However, you can’t use Weekdone to establish mission or vision statements, and you can’t put together a competitive analysis. KPI tracking and OKR management are somewhat limited here compared to the others.


  • Visual dashboard to facilitate data consumption, share progress, and enable collaboration
  • Employee feedback support to enhance employee satisfaction
  • One-on-one sessions and OKR customization for effective OKR defining and tracking
  • Weekly plan tracking and quarterly OKR refresh tool to monitor real-time progress
  • Team planning support
  • Webinar resources and OKR training courses
  • OKR experts for assistance with the onboarding process

Suitable For:

Weekdone supports small and mid-sized businesses. It enables you to put together well-structured OKRs and oversee performance weekly.


Next on our OKR software comparison guide is ClickUp – a OKR management tool for businesses of varying sizes.

Its OKR framework template helps with goal setting, real-time tracking, goal alignment, and identifying potential obstacles. Accordingly, you can set and achieve SMART goals conveniently. Additionally, ClickUp comes with three different plans, accommodating your budget.

Its main drawback in our OKR software comparison is that, unlike some other OKR tools, ClickUp doesn’t support data exportation. It also isn’t the best for project feedback collection.


  • Weekly scorecards to divide big goals into smaller objectives for each week
  • Folders collecting weekly, monthly, and yearly goals for easy access
  • Real-time progress tracking and comparison to overall objectives for easy performance management.
  • Setting priorities so that employees know which tasks to start with
  • Numerous project use
  • Unlimited users allowed with the free version for all company sizes

Suitable For:

ClickUp works for everything from a startup to a big enterprise. It’s handy if you’re struggling to set, break up, assign, or manage tasks that serve organizational goals.

Viva Goals(

Microsoft contributes to OKR tools with its software solution, Viva Goals. Like other tools in our OKR software comparison, it aligns team and employee goals with organizational objectives, helping you identify complications in real time, notify teams automatically, and meet your business goals.

This solution is one of the OKR management tools that feature integrations with numerous tools, including Slack, Microsoft Teams, Asana, and Salesforce.

Not to mention, the dedicated support, training for managers and employees of all levels, and program and implementation support management. All of these features facilitate incorporating the tool into your daily processes without undermining productivity.

However, unlike other tools in this OKR software comparison, Viva Goals is not easy to set up, and its user interface takes some getting used to.


  • Goal alignment with organizational goals
  • Real-time problem identification
  • Automatic team notifications
  • Integrations with other platforms, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Asana, Salesforce, and Bamboo HR
  • Company-wide training
  • Dedicated and responsive support team

Suitable For:

Viva Goals is the OKR management tool for you if you run a big enterprise or a smaller but fast-growing business. It’s also perfect if your team isn’t very tech-savvy and needs detailed instructions for using OKR tools.

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Achieve Strategic Growth with Seamless OKR Management

OKRs are one of the most effective frameworks for establishing business goals, and developing a sustainable tracking system will help your organization efficiently implement and sustain OKR goal setting for your entire business. 

Integrating OKR management tools with HRIS can further enhance their effectiveness. Omni’s performance management system powers your business with access to reports and analytics that provide valuable insights for measuring key results. Easily set, track, and measure OKRs across your teams within one, intuitive dashboard. 

To learn more about how Omni can help significantly improve organizational goal-setting and performance management processes, ultimately leading to better outcomes and success for your business, schedule a demo with our team today!

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