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Omni Awarded ‘Rising Star’ of HR Management Software

26 April 2023

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Omni HR has recently received an accolade from the well-known software discovery and research platform FinancesOnline for its remarkable execution of HR management software.

FinancesOnline, a highly-esteemed SaaS review platform, granted the Rising Star Award to Omni HR in March 2023. This recognition is awarded to HR management softwares that have accomplished impressive progress with a loyal customer base and shown commitment to providing timely solutions for the problems of their users worldwide.

In addition to Omni’s increasing popularity and growing social media mentions, FinancesOnline acknowledged the impact of Omni’s outstanding, easy-to-use features and robust performance as an all-in-one HR management software.

FinancesOnline’s comprehensive review applauds Omni’s streamlined and customizable features, which scale along side modern, growing companies evolving to their needs as they expand their operations. According to their customers,Omni is a laudable HR management tool that helps companies centralize and automate their end-to-end employee lifecycle workflows.  

Omni HR automation

Upon analysis, FinancesOnline’s software reviewers extolled Omni’s effectiveness in work. Its remarkable features include automated and centralized management of the entire employee lifecycle and a streamlined, effective hiring process.

FinancesOnline also explored Omni’s features in handling employee records, onboarding, and the recruitment process. Hiring and onboarding processes are fully automated so you can easily and quickly review and accept job applications and candidates. Employee records are centralized to easily and accurately make changes to employee data that is reflected across each area of your business (such as IT and payroll). 

Using Omni’s platform allows HR teams and managers to gather crucial documents and data from new hires without the inconveniences and errors associated with manual data entry and back-and-forth communication.

Another set of commendable features is the ability to track performance, time off, and attendance. Automatically calculate overtime and time off requests along with other attendance-related factors that help your business run. Omni HR provides intuitive and efficient workflows to help you manage your employee’s performance, from customizable performance review templates to insights and analytics that help businesses grow efficient and engaged teams.

And lastly, the review discussed Omni’s additional services for payroll, document and e-signatures, and their employee self-service portal. These HR management tools provide a single centralized platform to customize, automate, and manage these services quickly and efficiently.

Omni HR streamlines all of your human resources-related tasks in one portal to make it easier for your employees, HR department, and managers. 

As industries across the globe continue to expand, the HR market is expected to boom in 2030. According to recent reports, the annual growth rate for the HR market is set at 10.4%, with HR platforms set at 13%; an industry anticipated to be worth $13.8 billion.

The growing number of automation software in various industries has provoked more brands to enhance their HR management tools. Omni HR has proven its efficiency and productivity as a leader in the HR-automation space.

Our first-rate features are what review sites look for on their lists of top HR management software today. We are grateful to be reviewed and recognized by FinancesOnline for our commitment to powering Asia’s fastest growing companies.

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