Employee records

A central hub for your employee data

Employee records

Need a database that is robust and flexible to store your employee data?

We get it – that’s why our employee database is designed to be fully customizable. With Omni, you can keep your employee data secure, organized, up-to-date, and accessible anytime.

Our customers achieve


better accuracy by using Omni’s digital database and system reminders.

Complete employee records

Maintain a complete record of your employee data. Keep important information such as ID and compensation secure, up-to-date, and organized in one place.

Employee records

Customize employee database the way you need

Our database is designed to be fully customizable. You can easily create or reorganize the database to fit exactly how things work at your company.

Stay informed of key events

Who has an upcoming probation confirmation? Are any work visas expiring soon? Who’s joining this month? Let Omni be your assistant to inform you at the right time.

Reminders & notifications
Team directory

Team directory

Your company names and faces at a glance. Get a quick overview of your organization’s entire employee directory, or filter it by location, job title, department – anyway you need it.

Org chart

Need a clearer overview of everyone’s reporting? Visualize your team structure and hierarchy in Omni’s intuitive organization chart.