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    Established in 2018, the financial super app Ajaib provides Indonesians with access to safe, trusted, and affordable investment instruments for buying and selling stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds. With a mission to modernize and elevate the Indonesian capital market into a leading market in Southeast Asia, the Ajaib Group actively conducts seminars, engages with universities, and offers online education. They firmly believe that education is the cornerstone of collective progress.

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    Wiji Mulyati

    Engagement & Experience Lead at Ajaib

    Thanks to Omni, our onboarding process has become quick and easy! The automated workflows and streamlined data management has made our HR procedures seamless, and we can manage employee records with just a few clicks. What I love most about Omni is how customizable the platform is to meet our unique needs.

    1. Streamlined & Efficient Onboarding

    The Challenge

    As a fast-paced start-up, Ajaib’s HR team is constantly onboarding new employees to their growing team. Prior to working with Omni, the fintech provider was faced with a manual and time-consuming onboarding process that involved lengthy forms and manual data transfer, leading to inefficiencies and frequent data loss. Relying on disjointed spreadsheets and time-consuming paperwork, Ajaib’s HR team spent hours liaising across departments to onboard their new hires, manually inputting their information, and tracking and processing forms and sensitive employee information that led to countless backlogs and weekly bottlenecks.

    Omni’s Solution

    Upon switching to Omni, Ajaib introduced an automated onboarding system that streamlined the onboarding process for their HR teams and new hires. Rather than manually emailing each employee and tracking their information and progress in a spreadsheet, Omni equipped Ajaib with the tools to digitize and automate the entire onboarding process.

    From day 1, employees receive invitations to a self-service portal where they can input their details independently, automatically updating the employee database and informing relevant stakeholders across the organization. No longer burdened with the manual process of tracking form completion or onboarding timelines, Omni allows Ajaib HR to automate reminders and notifications to departments, ensuring tasks are completed efficiently, reducing bottlenecks and reducing manual entry errors on important employee information.

    The Results
    1/3 manpower

    manpower needed to manage onboarding

    Ajaib experienced a significant improvement in their onboarding process. The reduction in manual processes allowed their HR team to free up their team to focus on other HR initiatives that drive business growth, reducing the manpower needed to manage onboarding initiative by 2/3.

    By automating and digitizing their onboarding program, Ajaib can ensure employees are onboarded in a timely and consistent fashion, helping foster a strengthened company culture and boosting employee engagement. Omni’s automation minimized interruptions and data errors, leading to a smoother onboarding experience for everyone involved.

    2. Centralized Employee Records Management

    The Challenge

    In the early stages of their business, Ajaib’s HR department relied on manual spreadsheets to manage their employee data and records. But as the organization continued to grow, and their employee data multiplied, Ajaib’s HR team outgrew their manual processes.

    With more employee information to manually record in external spreadsheets came a rise in data entry errors and duplicate records, causing delays and challenges in routine HR processes. Further, locating employee records amid their current system was difficult and time-consuming, requiring lengthy sifting through large amounts of data that lacked a clear system or organization method.

    Omni’s Solution

    By implementing Omni to manage employee records, the Ajaib team was able to create a single source of truth for employee records. The centralized platform empowers employees to manage and maintain their own records, making updates directly to the database and having changes reflected across the organization in real time, eliminating the need for manual data entry and significantly reducing errors.

    Additionally, Omni’s database gave a piece of mind to Ajaib’s HR team, with assurance that sensitive employee information is securely stored and only accessible to authorized personnel. 

    The Results
    Zero hours spent

    on manual processes

    With a centralized database for employees to access information such as payslips and time off allowances, the Ajaib team significantly reduced time spent managing and troubleshooting employee records.

    Omni’s efficient data management solution reduced the risk of errors associated with manual data entry and increased data accuracy, eliminating the need for manual procedures entirely.

    3. Automated Workflows & Task Management

    The Challenge

    Due to a lack of automated assistance in their HR processes, the Ajaib team managed the entire employee lifecycle manually, relying on emails and checklists to run their People management initiatives. With a growing team, these systems developed bottlenecks and breakdown in communication for various departments.

    As this manual effort grew time-consuming and prone to errors, the Ajaib team had less time to focus on strategic initiatives that increased engagement or deepened their company culture. 

    Omni’s Solution

    Omni introduced automation features that allowed Ajaib’s HR to automate everything from communication to monthly administrative processes, helping streamline communication and meet deadlines that kept their business running smoothly.

    Omni allows the Ajaib team to set automated reminders and notifications to departments regarding onboarding tasks such as required paperwork, tracking training module completion, and compliance initiatives. With the responsibility of tracking, notifying and following up on onboarding tasks streamlined into an automated workflow, new hires receive a consistent and comprehensive onboarding experience that improves their productivity as they continue their journey within the company. 

    Further, Omni’s customizable templates allow Ajaib’s team to build the tools that work for their unique business needs. And HR needn’t start from scratch with each employee, Omni allows them to create templates once and reuse them for each onboarding cycle. 

    The Results
    30% time savings

    invested in strategic planning

    Ajaib benefited from this improved task coordination and communication by saving time and reducing errors and incomplete onboarding cycles. Omni’s automation reduced the burden on Ajaib’s HR team to manually follow up with departments and minimized the chances of overlooking tasks. This resulted in a more efficient and error-resistant HR workflows. Saving the HR team 30% of their time to re-focus on strategic initiatives.

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