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    Philippine-founded NightOwl Consulting offers a holistic approach to the traditional business process outsourcing (BPO). Priding themselves on white-glove services that center their client’s unique needs, NightOwl offers bespoke solutions at an accessible price to empower businesses to build and expand their international teams.

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    Roxanne McGovern

    Chief Culture Officer at NightOwl Consulting

    Omni has been a game-changer for our HR team. It’s a fantastic system that frees our HR department to spend more time with our employees on a personal level, and enables us to focus on employee development. We’ve been blown away by the responsiveness Omni’s customer support team has provided us since day one.

    NightOwl Consulting faced a challenge familiar to many fast-growing companies: HR processes were straining under the weight of rapid growth. As they set their sights on building a strong company culture focused on employee development, the time-consuming tasks of managing resources and employee information became a hurdle.  

    “We were constantly bogged down with manual processes,” shared Roxanne McGovern, Chief Culture Officer at NightOwl Consulting, “which limited our ability to truly connect with our employees and support their growth.” NightOwl knew they needed a solution that could not only scale with them but also empower their HR team to become strategic partners in employee success. Omni’s unified platform, tailored solutions, and intuitive analytics equipped NightOwl with the tools they needed for fostering a thriving and engaged workforce, helping the BPO powerhouse nearly quadruple their workforce in just over a year.

    1. Streamlined Processes

    The Challenge

    As a growing company, NightOwl had ambitious plans to disrupt the recruitment industry and double their staff count to over 300 by the end of 2024. Yet manual HR processes created time consuming tasks such as policy updates, form creation and performance reviews, straining their small HR team and presenting hurdles to their expansion efforts.

    “The biggest challenge that we had was the organizational aspect and our employees having to come to us for everything. None of our processes were automated before we started using Omni.” explained McGovern.

    Due to the manual nature of NightOwl’s HR processes, existing resources were disjointed and stored across various locations, making it difficult for employees to access relevant information such as company policies and employee forms without the assistance of HR. 

    The lack of a centralized data system made it taxing for the NightOwl HR team to obtain crucial employee data and metrics—from straightforward information like employee contact details to more nuanced insights such as employee performance and engagement. Without the tools to streamline this information, HR lacked the efficiency to offer frictionless workforce management and build a strong company culture.

    Omni’s Solution

    Omni’s automated workflows helped streamline NightOwl’s HR processes, replacing the manual tasks of creating new forms for each review cycle with simplified, automated triggers to build custom reviews to match each employee’s needs, and bringing consistency to their performance review process. Policy updates became as simple as a click of a button with Omni’s built-in templates, helping the team effectively communicate important changes in one, centralized system. 

    In addition to automating manual processes, Omni helped the NightOwl team unify their employee data, becoming a one-stop for all of their HR needs. With items such as employee personnel files, time off policies, and compliance forms all in one place, updated and accurate information is easily accessible for both HR and employees at all times, eliminating the need for HR’s intervention. McGovern adds, “By having systems like Omni in place, our employees can be more resourceful and know exactly where to find the information they need.”

    The Results
    32x faster

    policy updates

    With streamlined processes in place and empowered employees easily accessing the information they need, NightOwl Consulting was able to reduce their employee’s reliance on HR for standard resource management, centralizing information and bringing accessibility to important workforce policies. These new systems helped to bring the time taken to implement policy updates from 8 hours to mere minutes

    In lieu of time spent managing policy updates, NightOwl Consulting’s HR team are now able to focus on more strategic initiatives like building stronger connections with employees through 1-on-1 support, addressing specific or individual needs, and fostering a more positive company culture. This includes dedicating more time and resources to focus on career development programs, mentorship initiatives, and personalized coaching for employees.

    2. Standardized and Efficient Performance Reviews

    The Challenge

    Prior to Omni, NightOwl Consulting’s HR team spent countless hours building new, customized evaluation forms for each one of their employees, as well as sending and monitoring numerous emails to track employee submission.

    Completed performance reviews were stored manually in departmental drives, employee inboxes, or even forgotten folders. The team faced a mountain of administrative work each review cycle, sifting through review results, and manually analyzing data in separate spreadsheets. This process made workforce planning and employee development initiatives more challenging to tackle, causing HR to spend their valuable time sifting through data to gain a clear understanding of the areas of improvement to focus on for their employees. 

    A lack of consistency and standardization in their performance review processes resulted in inconsistent rating scales and evaluation criteria varied between departments. Without a unified approach, the NightOwl team faced complexities in adequately analyzing employee performance, preventing them from effectively addressing skills gaps and setting goals.

    Omni’s Solution

    NightOwl’s People team leveraged Omni’s automated performance reviews to seamlessly create personalized and consistent review cycles for every department. With the help of Omni’s customizable templates, the NightOwl team could reuse review material for each employee, every review cycle, eliminating the time required to build unique forms for all 140 employees. With features like auto-generated fields and peer-review cycles, Omni allows the team to conduct performance reviews tailored to every employee’s unique situation efficiently and accurately.

    Further, Omni’s simplified data analysis equips the NightOwl HR team with real-time analytics to gleen actionable insights into employee performance data, empowering them to champion employee growth and deepen engagement with tailored feedback and support.

    The Results
    100% customized

    performance management

    “Omni has helped us improve our HR processes immensely, especially when it comes to our employee management and performance evaluations. Now, we’re able to easily and quickly make updates and change the review process as needed, ensuring efficiency and accuracy for a more objective evaluation of our workforce.” McGovern explained. 

    With Omni’s customizable performance reviews, the NightOwl team can create bespoke evaluation cycles that best supports their teams without the headache of manual production or processing. Timely insight into review results further equips their organization to deliver tailored support to their workforce.

    3. Enhanced Reporting and Analytics

    The Challenge

    Before leveraging Omni, the NightOwl HR team’s reporting process relied heavily on manual paperwork.

    A typical reporting process involved the HR team assessing and compiling relevant employee data scattered across various files and working their way through multiple spreadsheets to gather a slice of information. This process wasn’t just cumbersome, but also yielded limited insights due to its time-consuming nature.

    Aside from that, data stored across various departments created a significant blind spot for collaboration. The NightOwl HR team lacked centralized access to critical information such as employee data, training history, and performance evaluations that spanned beyond their own department. Without a single source of truth, identifying key workforce trends that might impact other departments became a challenge. The HR team was limited to basic headcounts and basic HR metrics, hindering their ability to coordinate effectively with other departments. This siloed view hampered NightOwl’s ability to make data-driven decisions that could benefit their workforce as a whole.

    Omni’s Solution

    Omni’s data collection and intuitive reports empowered NightOwl’s HR team to go beyond basic headcount and org chart metrics by centralizing their workforce data and automated report generation. Customized and automated reporting empowers the team to quickly generate insightful reports with ease to assess critical areas such as workforce trends, talent development, and performance metrics. 

    This newfound depth of data analysis is fueled by Omni’s centralized employee and document data hub. All essential HR information including employee details, performance records, and crucial metrics like absenteeism and retention rates are all stored in a single platform—ending the search across spreadsheets and departments for workforce insights. 

    Omni’s impact goes beyond empowering NightOwl’s HR team. By eliminating data silos, Omni helps foster seamless collaboration across HR and supporting departments. Unified and accessible employee data helps NightOwl Consulting maintain accurate and reliable records across teams, bringing ease to reporting processes and reducing errors caused by manual entry and analysis, helping the team to build informed and effective workforce planning strategies across the entire organization.

    The Results
    50% improvement

    in reporting turnaround time

    In establishing enhanced reporting and analytics processes, NightOwl Consulting was able to half the time it took to generate impactful workforce reports.

    Omni’s centralized database automation increases efficiency across the HR department whilst minimizing errors. Armed with these insights, the NightOwl Consulting team was empowered to make data-driven decisions on their workforce planning, and improved cross-department collaborations.

    By adopting Omni’s intuitive platform, NightOwl Consulting successfully addressed the challenges of manually managing a rapidly growing workforce. Omni’s intuitive solutions automated NightOwl Consulting’s core People functions including data reporting and analysis and performance management, allowing for  streamlined processes and greater precision in workforce analysis and solutions. 

    Omni’s automation and centralization simplified and streamlined crucial yet time-consuming HR tasks, allowing the NightOwl Consulting HR team to focus on strategic workforce planning, strengthening employee relations, and fostering a positive workplace experience for their growing team.

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