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    Trevor Lim

    Head of Operations at Capital Club

    The support that comes from the Omni team is unmatched. As a company that is quickly growing, there are constantly new features and functions that we require to serve our mission. Having access to a quick and dedicated chat with Omni’s team members, in our same time zone, helps us make the changes we need to get the most out of our HRIS.

    1. Building Culture & Increasing Retention

    The Challenge

    Capital Club approached Omni with a pressing question: How can we foster company culture within a fully remote team of full-time, part-time, and contract employees?

    The issue at hand was the manual management of competing onboarding needs within Capital Club’s HR department. The existing onboarding processes were both time-consuming and inconsistent, often taking an average of 2 weeks to complete for new hires and, in some cases, failing to onboard them altogether.

    The absence of a well-defined onboarding program resulted in employees missing crucial culture-building information. This included the company’s mission and vision, a clear understanding of their team dynamics and reporting structure, as well as essential tools and training tailored to their roles.

    Consequently, new employees and their respective teams faced challenges in achieving cohesion, making collaboration and the pursuit of a shared mission difficult. Employee retention rates began to decline, and the Capital Club’s sense of culture was at risk of eroding as they continued to grow.

    Omni’s Solution

    With no plans to switch to an in-office environment and big plans to expand, Capital Club turned to Omni to build an onboarding program that not only set their new hires up for success, but streamlined the process for a quick and consistent experience across the company. 

    With Omni, new employees at Capital Club are routed into an automated onboarding workflow.  This system simplifies the task of tracking training and onboarding progress, allowing both managers and the HR team to monitor assignments and ensure timely completion. Omni’s user-friendly and customizable templates enable Capital Club to carefully tailor their onboarding experience to suit various employment types, whether full-time or freelance, without the need to create each one from scratch with every new hire.

    By implementing Omni’s digital platform, Capital Club employees can directly input their personal information into Omni’s secure database. This eliminates the need for paperwork and minimizes manual data entry errors. Moreover, Omni automates access to relevant training modules, company information, and details regarding team reporting and structure, enhancing the overall onboarding experience and helping Capital Club build a culture of transparency and support.

    The Results

    Time to productivity improvement

    By streamlining and automating the onboarding process, Capital Club ensured that their new hires received comprehensive information on company policies and practical knowledge right from day 1. This strategic shift allowed managers and HR leaders to allocate more time to meaningful human connections, further fostering company culture and building camaraderie among team members.

    The implementation of comprehensive and consistent onboarding practices led to a significant improvement in employee retention rate. With the clarity and efficiency that automation brought to their onboarding program, the team successfully reduced the time required for new hires to reach full productivity from 2 weeks down to just 3 days.

    2. Enhanced Payroll Accuracy & Employee Satisfaction

    The Challenge

    Time and attendance tracking plays a pivotal role in several facets of People management. Managing leave policies, facilitating employee access to benefits, monitoring, acknowledging, and rewarding tenure, and maintaining an accurate and timely payroll system all stem from a well managed time and attendance management process.

    Before Omni, Capital Club’s employees and managers relied on self-reporting, manual paperwork, and various spreadsheets to record employees hours, vacation time, tenure, and payroll information. With multiple approval processes and a lack of checks and balances, errors  frequently arose due to the involvement of too many individuals and limited resources available for rectifying data inaccuracies.

    This lack of communication and coherence within their system led to time-consuming and confusing procedures for otherwise straightforward tasks, such as requesting time off or receiving paychecks and benefits—benefits intended to enhance the employee experience and foster team engagement.

    Omni’s Solution

    As Capital Club’s teams continued to grow, HR knew it was time to standardize their time and attendance practices.

    With Omni, every Capital Club employee gained access to a personalized employee dashboard offering a 360° view of their time off. The employee dashboard simplified and clarified the process of calculating their accrued time off and remaining leave for the year. At-a-glance views of team or company calendars provided employees and managers with real-time information about who was in or out of the office on any given day or week, and important dates such as work anniversaries or birthdays were automatically recognized and celebrated within the platform.

    Following a swift implementation period with Omni’s Customer Support team, Capital Club’s approval workflows were seamlessly created and automated. This ensured that all time off requests and payroll approvals were efficiently directed to the appropriate approver. Omni eliminated the issue of requests and approvals languishing in inboxes by offering alternate approver options and automatically routing requests when a manager was out of the office. This resulted in reduced approval times, while digitizing and streamlining monthly payroll processes, all achieved without the need for external spreadsheets or manual data entry.

    The Results

    payroll accuracy

    By implementing Omni’s automated processes, Capital Club saw a significant reduction in payroll and time and attendance errors, reducing the administrative workload and frustration it previously took to rectify employee records. 

    The simplified access to time off benefits and the introduction of consistency in their payroll system had a positive impact. Capital Club’s employees reported higher levels of employee engagement and an improved work-life balance compared to the previous situation, making their overall employee experience more fulfilling.

    3. Streamlined Records Management

    The Challenge

    In addition to the significant responsibility of maintaining the security and confidentiality of employee records and contracts, a well-organized record archive plays a crucial role in the smooth operation of any organization. This particular aspect of employee management was a challenge that Capital Club grappled with when relying on manual HR practices.

    With a hybrid workforce comprising various types of employees, Capital Club’s HR faced the ongoing task of updating both company and employee records. This involved tracking contracts that had concluded and identifying those that were commencing anew. In the absence of a digitized system, personnel changes relied heavily on manual updates and constant communication across multiple departments, which inevitably led to some information slipping through the cracks.

    Whatsmore, the storing of employee records lacked a strategic system, making it time consuming and confusing to sift through hundreds of documents to locate information.

    The difficulty in accessing employee records also had a negative impact on performance management. Employee milestones went untracked, resulting in missed opportunities for conducting crucial 6-month check-ins or implementing performance boosting 90-day plans. Tracking probation periods necessitated the use of additional spreadsheets managed manually, often leading to inaccuracies or being overlooked altogether.

    Omni’s Solution

    Omni provides Capital Club with a single source of truth for their company-wide employee information. Securely storing sensitive information such as payroll details or visa status, Omni allows managers and HR to control visibility on proprietary employee information, ensuring only those permitted gain access and eliminating the need for multiple spreadsheets with mismatched information.

    With the ability to manage the entire end-to-end employee lifecycle, Omni connects Capital Club across their company, synchronizing personnel updates such as contract status or change in managers, and reflecting information changes in real-time across their organization, reducing confusion or misinformation for all departments, from IT to marketing.

    With Omni serving as Capital Club’s centralized hub of employee information, managers and HR can effortlessly and regularly track and receive alerts about key dates, such as promotion opportunities or scheduled performance reviews, helping them remain committed to their employees’ continued development.

    The Results

    time savings

    By establishing order and security in their employee records, Capital Club’s team gained access to critical insight into their employees’ lifecycles. This newfound insight provided increased opportunities for culture building, learning and development initiatives, and a boost in overall employee productivity.

    Omni’s streamlined processes significantly reduced Capital Club’s record management time by more than half. Turnaround times for routine tasks, such as employee profile creation, contract inquiries or signings, and evaluation status updates, were reduced from 3-4 days to just 1 day.

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