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    Founded in 2010, award-winning social enterprise IMAPAC is empowering the biopharma community with comprehensive industry data and meaningful connections. By generating tangible growth through their cause-driven business conferences, IMAPAC is on a mission to break down barriers and inspire creativity and change.

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    Puvi Ravi

    HR Manager at IMAPAC

    Omni takes away the stress of following up on crucial HR tasks and helps us execute seamless workflows. As a team, we’re able to better plan our time and focus on the human element of HR to best support our employees.

    The global one-stop shop for biopharmaceutical business connections and data, IMAPAC enlisted the help of Omni to address the HR processes that were bogging down their People leaders and managers with manual and time-consuming tasks. In leveraging Omni’s centralized platform for employee records and automated onboarding and offboarding workflows, the IMAPAC team experienced greater data accuracy and standardization in their HR practices. Omni’s digitization of the end-to-end employee lifecycle helps IMAPAC tap into significant time savings, improved employee engagement, and enhanced collaboration across various HR functions.

    1. Standardized Employee Onboarding

    The Challenge

    As a global organization going through an aggressive hiring period with a manual onboarding program, the HR team at IMAPAC was experiencing difficulties with their manual onboarding program. Tracking pre-boarding and onboarding tasks while welcoming an influx of new hires became increasingly difficult to manage, and the amount of time it took to prepare the various forms and training required to onboard an employee was taking up a significant amount of HR’s time.

    The team relied on a system of spreadsheets and emails to track important employee information such as visa status and banking details and ran into difficulties with ensuring employees received crucial company information like the code of ethics and employee handbooks. 

    In addition to struggling to track employee signatures and acknowledgment of company policies, the IMAPAC team often risked missing important steps in their onboarding process such as setting up email accounts or providing necessary access codes. This often left new hires ill-equipped to access the tools they needed to thrive during the early days of their employment and caused bottlenecks for the HR and tech team as they troubleshoot these oversights.

    Omni’s Solution

    Incorporating Omni into their HR practices introduced standardized workflows for pre-onboarding, onboarding, and even offboarding for the IMAPAC team and their workforce. 

    Omni made it possible to digitize and automate the pre-onboarding and onboarding process, with tools like pre-onboarding checklists to ensure no task went unexecuted.

     With automated reminders and alerts to track form completion, policy acknowledgments, and training schedules, HR’s need for consistent communication via email follow-ups was greatly reduced, and the completion rate for essential onboarding tasks improved. 

    Omni helped HR streamline the onboarding process further by providing a secure, centralized platform for employees to input their information directly, reducing the administrative burden on IMAPAC’s HR team and helping mitigate manual data entry errors. Serving as a single source of truth for employee information, Omni helped enhance communication and coordination with different departments for a smooth onboarding experience, ensuring employees received access codes and email accounts promptly upon joining, leaving them equipped with the necessary tools and information to thrive on their first day.

    The Results
    3x reduction

    in HR reminders

    With automated workflows and onboarding checklists built into IMAPAC’s Omni-supported onboarding program, the HR team no longer found themselves chasing down employees to complete necessary onboarding paperwork or tending to last-minute oversights. 

    Omni’s employee communication capabilities made it possible for HR to input new hires into the onboarding workflow and count on Omni’s solutions to guide, remind, and finalize employee onboarding tasks to completion.

    Automated workflows improved consistency and standardization in onboarding procedures, minimizing the risk of missing crucial tasks and improving collaboration between HR and other departments such as IT and management.

    2. Improved Data Accuracy

    The Challenge

    As IMAPAC’s team continued to grow, employee records became increasingly difficult to manage using only Excel sheets. With disjointed systems, the HR team was required to administer forms to new hires, manually transcribe the data from the form into internal spreadsheets, and pull this information for reporting to run monthly reports, payroll, and track performance milestones.

    So much back and forth was not only incredibly time-consuming for HR as well as employees, but prone to data entry errors, miscalculations, and missed opportunities for employee engagement. 

    As employees lacked the tools to manage their information within IMAPAC’s HR system, and their information changed throughout the months, HR would be left constantly following up with employees to update critical banking information to ensure payroll could be processed accurately and promptly month after month.

    This caused a great deal of stress for the HR team, consistently up against payroll deadlines and focusing a great deal of their efforts on ensuring employees were getting their updated information to the team to process payroll, sometimes taking several weeks to complete with all of the back-and-forth communication.

    Further, with no formalized tracking efforts to recognize employee milestones, managers were more likely to miss work anniversaries and performance review checkpoints such as 90-day marks for new hires. This resulted in missed opportunities to organically engage with existing and new employees.

    Omni’s Solution

    Omni’s system introduced one centralized platform for HR to manage, track, and store employee records. With easy-to-use employee self-service portals, IMAPAC employees can now manage their information, making quick and timely updates to their banking details, addresses, and time-off requests for accurate, real-time data that HR easily taps into for everything from payroll to performance management. 

    In streamlining data storage, HR can now easily and quickly extract essential data for reporting in a matter of minutes; sharing accurate, and real-time data with their finance team for routine payroll administration, reducing the stress and administrative workload of the HR team, and ensuring payroll deadlines are routinely met.

    With auto-populated milestones, HR and management are regularly and automatically alerted to key employee dates such as work anniversaries, birthdays, and important performance milestones such as 30, 60, and 90-day anniversaries. These reminders help the IMAPAC team be proactive in their employee engagement efforts, reducing the likelihood of missing key dates in the employee journey.

    The Results

    Improvement in the efficiency of managing employee data

    Omni’s centralized employee records coupled with our employee self-service portal allowed the IMAPAC team easy access to and maintenance of employee records, reducing the time required to compile, track, and share information and improving data accuracy and consistency.

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