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  • HR on Auto-Pilot: How Influur Saved Time and Scaled Growth with Omni

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    Miami-based start-up Influur is causing ripples in the influencer marketing space. This female-led powerhouse hosts the biggest influencer community and simplifies brand-influencer connections, creating authentic partnerships across the globe.

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    Mónica Duque

    Head of People at Influur

    Working with Omni is an amazing experience, I feel they’re more like our partners than our HRIS. The Omni support team is always there for us, no matter what we need. And I love that every single functionality is flexible so we can customize anything to meet the unique needs of our company.

    Influencer Marketing platform Influur needed an HR solution to match the fast paced and unique business needs of their organization, seeking to streamline their People functions and deepen their employee engagement experience. The female-founded advertising power house implemented Omni’s customizable interface and automated workflows which powered their HR team with the solutions they needed to build a memorable onboarding experience, improve internal communication and save considerable time on administrative functions, while meeting the distinctive needs of their organization without compromising on functionality.

    1. Flexibility & Customization

    The Challenge

    “Customizability was a deal-breaker for us,” Mónica Duque, Head of People at Influur, explains. “Our previous HRIS felt very rigid, unable to adapt to our unique needs. We had fields nobody used and struggled to track essential information within the system.”

    As an emerging start-up, the HR team at Influur sought to build systems and workflows to support their global workforce, but ran into roadblocks when implementing their HRIS system. Faced with rigid modules and inflexible workflows, the team found software limiting, unable to customize experiences like onboarding for the unique needs of their teams and employees. This left them with information fields that were obsolete and required them to manually track or create complex work-arounds to their costly system in order to meet the needs of their growing organization.

    Omni’s Solution

    Omni offered a refreshing change. Our pre-built modules provide a solid foundation, while extensive customization options allow Influur to sculpt the system to their exact needs.

    This increased flexibility and customization offered by Omni allows Infuur to create a tailored experience for their teams directly inside our HRIS system, effectively capturing, analyzing and utilizing employee data and important information to ease the HR process without the headache of disjointed strategies or systems.

    They ditched irrelevant fields, built bespoke approval workflows for time off requests, and even tailored viewing permissions to ensure data privacy. Omni dances to their tune, not the other way around.

    The Results

    Customized employee experience

    Omni makes it easy to tailor our system to the emerging needs of Influur’s growing business. From custom information fields to capture unique employee records to bespoke approval workflows for time off requests, and even tailored viewing permissions to ensure information is only visible to the appropriate parties; Omni’s system allows HR teams to build a system that works for the unique needs of their company.

    2. Streamlined & Engaging Onboarding Programs

    The Challenge

    As Influur continues to put itself on the map, first impressions are deeply important to the growing brand. The onboarding process for welcoming new employees is something their HR team places significant importance in, however Excel spreadsheets and emails chains were simply not enough to deliver that consistent and engaging onboarding experience Influur’s team sought to deliver.

    Before Omni, welcoming new Influurites was a juggling act of spreadsheets and emails. Training materials were scattered, compliance checks haphazard, and the whole process lacked consistency. It was time-consuming for HR and underwhelming for new hires.

    Omni’s Solution

    Omni’s automated onboarding workflows brought a welcome change to the Influur onboarding program. With pre-boarding kicking off the moment an offer is accepted, training schedules get set in motion, and reminders ensure a smooth, error-free journey. No more chasing documents or missed compliance steps. Instead, HR gets a real-time view of each new hire’s progress, freeing them to focus on creating a memorable first impression.

    The Results
    6x faster

    onboarding prep

    No more onboarding headaches for the Influur HR team. Thanks to automated workflows and custom onboarding modules, HR can swiftly funnel new hires into their onboarding function. 

    Which means the onboarding prep that used to take an hour is now accomplished in just 10 minutes.

    3. Comprehensive Time Management & Scheduling Transparency

    The Challenge

    Influur’s global team thrives on diversity, with employees sprinkled across time zones and celebrating a kaleidoscope of cultural holidays. But for the Influur HR team, managing their schedules could be a logistical nightmare. PTO requests often got lost in email chains, leave balances were a mystery, and conflicting time off could disrupt projects.

    The team was in need of a system that not only helped them manage the basics of time off management, but a solution that would work with them to help HR be proactive in employee engagement opportunities and spotting potential scheduling woes.

    Omni’s Solution

    Omni brought much-needed order to the chaos with customizable approval cycles and automated calculations to keep PTO requests flowing smoothly, eliminating the need for HR intervention. Team schedules offer a bird’s-eye view of everyone’s availability, preventing scheduling collisions and boosting collaboration. And our global calendars ensure no birthday, holiday, or work anniversary goes unnoticed. Omni’s employee profiles are tailored to the location of each hire, ensuring Influur’s HR team has a clear view of exactly what’s going on in their employee’s respective countries.

    With at-a-glance scheduling and automated leave calculation, Influur could say goodbye to manual spreadsheets and overlapping leave schedules. This newfound transparency not only simplifies HR’s life but empowers employees to take full advantage of their benefits, fostering a happier, more engaged workforce.

    The Results

    employee engagement

    Omni’s time and scheduling features allows Influur employees to take full advantage of their benefits without the intervention of HR. A reduction in friction to access time off benefits improves Influur employees work-life balance, and boosts engagement for happier employees (and HR).

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