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    iXS has been offering highly reliable, scalable solutions backed up by the industry’s leading 24/7 support team across the Philippines since 2012. The telco-agnostic company aims to provide Filipino businesses with the best possible connectivity solutions.

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    Karla Dacanay

    Sr. Manager, People Operations at iXS

    What I like about Omni is the impeccable support right from the beginning. Omni HR opened up new ways of managing our HR processes that we didn’t know were possible. Having the ability to automate gives us more time to focus on more strategic HR matters.

    1. Empowered Employees

    The Challenge

    Prior to discovering Omni, iXS was relying on a local HR system, but due to a lack of support and training their team wasn’t able to fully utilize the product features and functionalities. This not only made poor use of their budget, but restricted the team to managing only a few functions digitally. 

    Before discovering Omni, iXS relied on a local HR system. However, due to a lack of support and training, their team couldn’t fully harness the product’s features and functionalities. This not only resulted in inefficient budget allocation but also limited their team to handling only a handful of functions digitally. Apart from managing attendance, leave, and basic data reporting, the iXS team resorted to manual processes involving spreadsheets for their HR functions. This lack of comprehensive solutions also hindered their employees’ ability to take control of their benefits, ultimately negatively affecting employee engagement.

    Omni’s Solution

    Omni’s employee records module securely centralized all of iXS’ employee records into a single, digital location. This not only streamlined and simplified records management for HR but also empowered employees.

    With Omni’s dedicated and responsive customer support readily available to guide the iXS team, the company was able to fully leverage the comprehensive functionalities Omni had to offer, optimizing their investment and achieving a new level of HR efficiency.

    iXS employees gained self-service access to effortlessly retrieve payslips and review their employment history, providing them with greater control and flexibility over their records and benefits.

    The Results
    Zero email correspondence

    to access employee records

    The intuitive platform empowered employees to access their records and benefits easily and swiftly, without requiring intervention from managers or the iXS HR team.

    This not only led to happier and more engaged employees but also substantially alleviated the burden of frequent inquiries on HR and management teams.

    2. Seamless Onboarding Processes

    The Challenge

    In the initial stages of the company, iXS depended on manual systems to handle core functions like onboarding and payroll for their employees.

    During each onboarding cycle, the iXS HR team had to manage multiple forms and training modules through email, manually overseeing, following up, and recording essential employee data.

    This process was not only time-consuming but also susceptible to errors and challenging to track, especially for multiple employees at different stages of their onboarding process. The inefficiency of this process was burdening the HR team and impeding progress on more strategic initiatives that were vital for the company’s growth.

    Omni’s Solution

    Thanks to Omni’s fully automated onboarding workflow, our HRIS eliminates the requirement for manual coordination and checklists. This solution streamlined the iXS onboarding process, decreasing the need for extensive back-and-forth communication and follow-ups between departments.

    Moreover, automated reminders for overdue tasks improved efficiency and allowed HR to allocate more time to other critical responsibilities. Furthermore, Omni provided customizable templates and pre-scheduled workflows, enabling the iXS team to configure their ideal onboarding cycle and replicate it effortlessly with the click of a button. This approach fostered a unified and consistent onboarding experience, contributing to the development of the iXS employee culture and enhancing the overall onboarding process.

    The Results

    Time savings redirected to strategic HR matters

    With automated workflows and digitized progress tracking, the HR team was liberated from the repetitive and time-consuming tasks that previously burdened their manual processes.

    Following the implementation of Omni, iXS HR teams and managers reclaimed 40% of their time, which they redirected towards more impactful HR responsibilities, including performance management and goal-setting initiatives.

    3. Enhanced Time-off Management

    The Challenge

    Operating under a disjointed system for tracking and managing employee time-off, the iXS team frequently encountered challenges in determining the status of who was in or out of the office at any given time.

    Each employee’s leave information was isolated in separate silos, impeding team cohesion and leading to productivity issues and delays. This lack of a centralized system left employees without the necessary support to execute business initiatives, and productivity suffered due to overlaps in time away from the office.

    Omni’s Solution

    Omni’s comprehensive time-off module provided enhanced visibility into employees’ time-off schedules across the company. With this core information readily accessible for every employee at iXS on the Omni’s main dashboard, both remote and in-office employees can see who was in or out of the office in real-time with a single glance. 

    This feature improved project management coordination and prevented manpower shortages for iXS.

    The Results
    100% visibility

    into employee time-off

    With the ability to quickly and easily assess the whereabouts of employees across the organization, managers, HR, and employees of iXS were empowered to manage time-off with efficiency. The system improved productivity and reduced friction throughout the organization, allowing employees to enjoy their time-off benefit stress-free.

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