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    Mothership is a leading Singapore-based digital media company focusing on news, current affairs, and entertainment for tomorrow’s generations.

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    Travis Loh

    HR Manager at Mothership

    Omni has allowed us to tap into new ways to professionalize and scale our company through tailored solutions that grow alongside our team. In addition to offering great software, Omni’s customer support is responsive and user-centered.

    Mothership, a digital media company based in Singapore, adopted Omni to augment their HR capabilities. Having previously experimented with tools plagued by glitches, slow loading times, and unresponsive customer support, Mothership sought an HR tool capable of scaling alongside the team. Omni proved to be an ideal solution, offering support for everything from payroll and leave management to performance reviews and expense claims automation. With an intuitive interface, streamlined workflows, and responsive customer support, Omni significantly reduced the time spent on HR tasks and allowed for easier customization of workflows. Omni’s commitment to incorporating user feedback into product updates, as well as creating tailored solutions for Mothership’s unique business needs, further gave Mothership the confidence that Omni was the right partner for the job.

    1. Efficiency and Automation

    The Challenge

    Mothership’s fast-paced environment kept their HR team busy with regular performance management cycles. The team sought a solution to their most prominent challenge: inefficient HR processes that drained People leaders of their valuable time.

    As an organization committed to nurturing their talent, the Mothership HR team takes great care in preparing thoughtful and comprehensive performance reviews for their workforce. Yet without the tools to streamline these tasks, HR could spend up to 6 days per half-year cycle manually generating the necessary forms and compiling and analyzing data to complete routine performance reviews.

    Omni’s Solution

    Omni presented Mothership with a much needed alternative to their manual performance management processes with automated workflows and data management solutions that streamline the performance review process.

    With Omni, the Mothership team could create a standardized performance review program using Omni’s expert-crafted templates, making it easy to reuse programs for each employee every review cycle. This included auto-generated fields and streamlined workflows, allowing the team to conduct performance reviews tailored to every employee quickly and accurately.

    Data analysis capabilities equipped the Mothership HR team with real-time analytics for actionable insights into employee performance data, saving processing and analysis time for addressing actionable data insights.

    The Results

    Improvement in performance review processing time

    Omni’s automated workflows and data analysis reduced Mothership’s performance review processing and research from 6 days to just a few hours.

    2. Improved User Experience

    The Challenge

    Previously, Mothership faced frequent user errors such as glitches, slow loading time, and errors in leave balance calculations.

    These inefficiencies caused delays in administering and managing employee benefits and frustrations among employees facing barriers in accessing their benefits.

    Leave balance errors snowballed into accounting headaches, and the lack of customer support delayed necessary solutions to their HR processes.

    Omni’s Solution

    Switching to Omni offered Mothership a faster and more user-friendly interface, improving the overall employee experience. The intuitive design of Omni led to swift employee adaptation, empowering them to access and manage their benefits effortlessly.

    Real-time leave balance calculations and automated approval workflows allowed Mothership employees to take time off with ease, and HR faced fewer payroll processing issues thanks to accurate and timely employee records and data.

    The Results

    team adoption

    Within days of switching to Omni, employees noticed a faster and more user-friendly interface, resulting in improved satisfaction and reduced frustrations.

    The simplified access to time off benefits and the introduction of consistency in their payroll system had a positive impact. Capital Club’s employees reported higher levels of employee engagement and an improved work-life balance compared to the previous situation, making their overall employee experience more fulfilling.

    3. Scalability

    The Challenge

    In 5 years, Mothership more than doubled its workforce, and its payroll and performance management efforts grew accordingly.

    Before Omni, Mothership’s HR functions faced scalability issues. Manual processes such as spreadsheets that once served as payroll solutions became inefficient when it came time to scale their workforce.

    The HR team sought a solution that would allow them to easily add new employees, track multiple work streams from payroll to performance reviews, and synthesize data in one accessible place.

    Omni’s Solution

    Serving as a single and repository source of truth for employee records and HR functions, Omni presented an opportunity for Mothership to centralize their payroll and performance management efforts as the company grew.

    Omni made it easy for Mothership to add new employees, update payroll data, and process large batches of payment and performance review cycles in one transaction.

    With Omni, Mothership’s HR leaders could accommodate their expanding workforce without the growing pains of a manual system.

    As the organization continues to expand, Omni’s functions allow for effortless customization such as adding additional information fields or retrofit performance cycles to suit the unique needs of their growing teams.

    The Results

    people management agility

    Omni allows Mothership to adapt swiftly to changing personnel needs and efficiently manage their HR tasks in line with their accelerated growth trajectory.

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