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    Reap is a financial technology company committed to enhancing the capabilities of small businesses. They offer corporate payment solutions aimed at enhancing the current operations of small businesses while also equipping them to tackle future challenges effectively. Reap assists its customers in issuing non-bank credit cards and provides an online payment platform that empowers small businesses to handle expenses and revenue collection seamlessly, using credit cards, regardless of location or the parties involved.

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    Sally Fu

    Operations & Finance Manager at Reap

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    1. Streamlined Leave Management

    The Challenge

    Reap’s manual leave management process had become a significant challenge for their organization. They relied on multiple spreadsheets: one for tracking each employee’s leave balance, another for managing leave requests, and yet another for scheduling leaves. This approach was error-prone, exceptionally time-consuming for the HR department, and led to a prolonged leave request process for employees.

    Furthermore, the communication of employee leave information across the organization involved sending emails and manually blocking calendar dates. This additional task further burdened the already busy HR team and often resulted in miscommunication among teams.

    Omni’s Solution

    Omni’s attendance module swiftly streamlined Reap’s leave management process. Utilizing the self-service portal, employees gained the ability to login and submit leave and sick requests, which were automatically routed to the appropriate approver, eliminating the need for HR involvement.

    Furthermore, Omni’s leave management module automatically monitored and calculated employee time-off allowances. This provided employees with real-time visibility and control over their leave balances, as well as the ability to easily view their team members’ calendars, thus preventing overlapping leave requests and enhancing transparency across the organization.

    From a management perspective, Omni offered real-time visibility into employee attendance, eliminating the necessity for email notifications and closing communication gaps among teams. With leave requests being automatically routed, the approval process became simpler and more efficient, requiring only a click of a button to approve or deny requests, with the information then automatically directed to the next appropriate stakeholder.

    The Results
    2 hours saved

    per week on leave management

    Omni’s attendance module enhanced Reap’s leave management by significantly reducing the requirement for manual intervention. This improvement empowered employees with greater control over their leave requests, enabling them to prevent overlapping time-off periods and facilitating easy access to their benefits, ultimately promoting a healthier work-life balance.

    From a management standpoint, the real-time visibility of employee attendance eliminated the necessity for email notifications, effectively alleviating the administrative workload associated with leave management. With complete transparency now achievable across Reap’s teams, communication and collaboration efforts flourished.

    2. Swift & Comprehensive Onboarding

    The Challenge

    On average, onboarding programs entail 41 administrative tasks for each employee. At Reap, the team was operating a fully manual onboarding program, where they managed and processed data through different spreadsheets, distributed forms via email, and manually entered sensitive information to construct individual employee profiles. This system not only consumed a significant amount of time but was also challenging to monitor and prone to data entry errors.

    Due to the scattering of employee information across multiple platforms, it became cumbersome to efficiently locate and consolidate employee data, resulting in delays during the onboarding process. This system hindered new hires from effectively onboarding, thereby prolonging their time to productivity and posing a potential threat to employee engagement.

    Omni’s Solution

    The implementation of Omni’s onboarding feature enabled Reap to fully automate their onboarding process, both internally and externally. Omni’s digital record-keeping eliminated the need for manual coordination and communication with various departments. Through automated workflows that flawlessly tracked, followed up on, and uploaded employee information, forms, and compliance requirements, the system effectively lightened the administrative load on Reap’s HR team while also boosting employee profile completion rates.

    Moreover, Omni provided a centralized platform for all employee data, creating a single, secure source of truth for each employee that was accessible to authorized personnel. This allowed Reap’s HR team to effortlessly access all employee data in one location, simplifying other routine HR tasks and enabling easy identification of gaps in profile information.

    The Results

    faster onboarding

    Thanks to automated workflows and timely reminders, HR was able to streamline onboarding tasks and significantly reduce administrative overhead. This efficiency led to a remarkable reduction in the time required to create employee profiles, decreasing it from 5 days to just 1.

    By utilizing customized templates and automated workflows, onboarding became a simplified and effortless process. This transformation allowed Reap’s HR team to redirect their attention and efforts towards more strategic employee-related matters.

    3. Secure & Efficient Employee Records

    The Challenge

    The absence of a formalized or centralized employee database created constraints for Reap, as employee records were dispersed across spreadsheets. This lack of a centralized system meant HR faced limitations in storing diverse types of data, including employee photos, important documents like work permits, and other essential employee records. As a result, HR encountered difficulties in obtaining a comprehensive overview of each employee’s profile, which in turn affected their ability to recognize and engage with employees effectively.

    Omni’s Solution

    The Reap team required a centralized and secure database to access complete employee records without the hassle of manually sorting through multiple spreadsheets. Omni provided precisely that solution, effectively resolving Reap’s data fragmentation issue and offering an easily accessible, all-encompassing employee profile with just a few clicks. Additionally, Reap employees and new hires can directly input their employee information directly into the Omni database, eliminating the requirement for manual data entry by HR and reducing the risk of data entry errors.

    The Results
    100% ease

    in accessing employee records

    Through the adoption of Omni’s centralized database, Reap achieved a significant boost in efficiency when it came to managing employee data. HR saved valuable time and effort that would otherwise have been spent navigating multiple spreadsheets. This allowed them to easily access quick and comprehensive employee profiles, streamlining their operations.

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