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  • 96% More Time for Impact: Omni Empowers Unravel Carbon to Navigate a Greener Future

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    Unravel Carbon is an AI-powered decarbonization platform specializing in Asia’s businesses and supply chains. Helping companies measure, reduce, and report their carbon emissions to accelerate the world’s progress to a zero carbon economy.

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    Su Anne Lau

    Finance and Operations Manager at Unravel Carbon

    Omni’s analytics function is very useful. The automated graphs help us to easily see the growth of our company throughout the months and monitor our team’s time off for seamless schedule management. We could feel the improvement in our HR functions instantly while also saving money on business operations.

    Climate tech platform Unravel Carbon sought to reduce the friction in their HR processes by consolidating the tools used to analyze employee data and administer payroll. The climate tech startup opted for Omni’s all-in-one HR solution which helped them cut costs and improve their monthly reporting functions. By providing a unified platform and improving reporting capabilities, Omni helps the Unravel Carbon team streamline processes, reduce time spent on administrative tasks, and enhance data accuracy and reporting efficiency.

    1. Efficient HR Processes

    The Challenge

    In the early days of Unravel Carbon, the startup relied on multiple disjointed programs to manage their HR functions. A system of internal spreadsheets paired with external payroll software and expense software to track everything from employee records to payroll to vacation days for employees.

    This method proved to be time-consuming, costly, and difficult to manage for both People leaders and their employees. With multiple log-in details to keep track of and systems that did not communicate with one another, the Unravel Carbon team was left updating multiple platforms with repetitive information and spending extra time ensuring there were no data entry errors for crucial information such as payroll.

    As time went on, it became clear that the team needed a centralized, one-stop solution to house all of their HR functions.

    Omni’s Solution

    Omni’s all-in-one platform provided a one-stop solution for all of Unravel Carbon’s HR processes, integrating payroll, time-off, expenses, and HR profiles into a single platform for the entire organization.

    Managers and employees no longer had to log into multiple systems to carry out routine functions, and because Omni serves as a single source of truth for employee information, time off, expenses, and payroll are automatically communicated and calculated, helping to reduce errors and cutting down on the administrative workload previously burdening the team.

    The Results
    SGD 4,000+

    cost savings

    By consolidating their HR functions into a single, localized platform, Unravel Carbon was able to cut operating costs for their People management functions by S$340 every month.

    Omni’s automated reminders and approval workflows increased approval time for employee benefits administration such as time off requests and expense claims.

    In streamlining communication and leveraging an integrating system, employee information and payroll errors dropped, reducing the administrative workload and improving accuracy across HR functions.

    2. Streamlined Analytics Reporting

    The Challenge

    Before leveraging Omni, the Unravel Carbon team relied on Excel and external expense software to process their monthly team expense reimbursement. This required the team to export and reconcile reports manually, resulting in data entry errors and time-consuming administrative work that required further analysis to gain a clear understanding of personnel data every month.

    Further, to gain a clear understanding of their monthly growth, the team was required to manually compare the data or re-enter numbers to review company changes over a month, quarter, or year.

    Omni’s Solution

    Omni’s reporting functionalities automatically gather various employee data points such as hours worked and attrition to provide easy-to-generate graphs and analytics that help Unravel Carbon save significant time for their monthly payroll closing.

    Due to the centralization of employee data, data migration is unnecessary, reducing entry errors and improving the accuracy and reliability of employee and financial data.

    The seamless integration of employee data also enhances collaboration across departments, facilitating a more streamlined and cohesive approach to workforce management.

    The Results

    Reduction in time spent on administrative tasks per month

    Unravel Carbon’s monthly team growth analysis time is reduced from 1 hour to just 2 minutes each month. Omni’s automation makes it possible for People leaders to easily and swiftly set report criteria and pull data in a matter of minutes.

    With improved accuracy of reports, Omni helps Unravel Carbon eliminate the risk of human errors associated with manual data handling and allows the team to focus their efforts on analyzing important data for actionable insights that drive business decisions.

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