The 5 Best HR Software Indonesia Has to Offer in 2024

HR professionals have a lot of responsibilities — ranging from hiring the right talent, managing employee performance, maintaining a positive workplace culture, processing payroll, and much more. Their to-do list is packed with impactful tasks and initiatives, and errors in handling these core HR functions can lead to significant financial losses, compliance issues, and even an increase in employee turnover.

With so much on their plate, it’s easy to make a mistake when it comes to manual tasks that are often done on auto-pilot. Businesses and HR teams are turning to automation and HR tools like Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), to digitize the end-to-end employee lifecycle. By automating manual tasks, HR teams can significantly reduce the likelihood of manual errors, and invest their valuable time in employee engagement strategies, succession planning, and talent development.

Among the various HRIS Indonesia has to offer, choosing the right option can be difficult. We’ve reviewed the top 5 HR Software Indonesia is working with to help ensure you make the right choice.

What is HR software? 

HR software, also referred to as HRIS, is a digital platform designed to automate and streamline HR processes. It serves as a central hub for employee data and simplifies various HR functions, including recruitment, onboarding, attendance and leave tracking, payroll processing, performance reporting, and more. When choosing HRIS, Indonesian businesses must consider business size, budget, and specific HR needs.

Why Do Organizations Need HRIS?

There are numerous benefits of investing in an all-in-one HR software, which compelled over 80% of growing businesses to invest in one for reduced administrative burden, enhanced employee engagement, and simplified recruiting process. Let’s review how the HR Software Indonesia is offering helps simplify HR functions.

Helps engage employees 

Improving employee engagement has become increasingly crucial due to the alarming rise in quiet quitting. According to a Gallup report, a staggering six in ten employees find themselves psychologically disconnected from their work. And 41% of employees said the major reason behind this disengagement is the lack of engaged company culture.

To address this issue, businesses can leverage HR software to enhance communication, and customize employee experience. As Matthew Ramirez, the founder of Rephrasely says, “The main advantage of using HR automation for me is that it allows me to customize the employee experience. By automating tasks such as setting up meetings or sending reminders, I can ensure that employees receive the necessary attention promptly.

An HRIS also ensures that employees can stay informed about company news, policies, and events, making them feel included and part of the team. Such employee involvement ensures they feel valued in the organization, thereby improving efficiency.

Automate administrative tasks 

In many organizations, HR professionals are faced with many time-consuming administrative tasks. These tasks can range from onboarding new hires and maintaining employee records to processing complex payroll calculations and managing employee benefits.  In the absence of automation, these processes often require manual data entry, verification, and coordination across multiple systems and departments. However, with the implementation of an HRIS, Indonesia businesses can automate most of these tasks.

For instance, when a new employee is hired, their information can be entered into the HRIS just once, and the system takes care of generating necessary paperwork and even automating the setup of the employees’ workspace and access to various systems. Furthermore, the system can automatically enroll employees in health insurance, retirement plans, and other benefits based on eligibility criteria. As a result of these streamlined and automated processes, HR professionals free up significant time to focus on more strategic responsibilities.

Improves performance evaluation 

Employee performance evaluations are essential for managers to assess employees’ strengths and areas for improvement, as well as to provide specific feedback on their progress.  Using an HRIS Indonesia, businesses can automate the entire performance review process, create detailed reports, and allow managers to set SMART goals for their team members. Moreover, it helps identify individuals with high potential whom the organization can further train to improve their skills and become valuable assets to the company.

Simplify the recruiting process

When you have a pool of various candidates to choose from, finding the right ones can be challenging. Reviewing resumes, cover letters, skills, and experience manually becomes confusing and time-consuming. In fact, a Gartner Report showed that 36% of HR professionals believe their current sourcing strategies are insufficient to hire the right talent.

But with the help of HRIS, Indonesia businesses can sort through all the candidate data stored in a centralized location. HR professionals can use keywords, skills, and experience to browse through resumes and other candidate data to identify qualified candidates easily. It also automates basic recruiting tasks like posting job openings, screening resumes, and scheduling interviews to give HR professionals the time to choose the right candidate.

The 5 Best HR Software Indonesia Has to Offer in 2024

When it comes to HRIS, Indonesia businesses rely on the following options to automate and manage their HR functions. Let’s look at the 5 best HR Software Indonesia has to offer in 2024.

1. Omni

HR software Indonesia

Imagine a seamless, user-friendly platform that digitizes the entire employee lifecycle and allows you to focus on what truly matters— growing your business. Meet Omni, the all-in-one HR software that helps centralize all core HR functions and saves you from juggling multiple systems or drowning in paperwork.

What sets Omni apart from the competition is our highly customizable platform that offers competitive pricing and seamless integration with various tools and systems you already use, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity. From payroll management to employee onboarding and performance evaluation, Omni offers many features that cater to your diverse business needs and puts us at number 1 on our list of best HR software Indonesia.

Notably, Omni provides localized support for Southeast Asia, making it the go-to HRIS Indonesia can rely on for effortless hiring, onboarding, managing, and compensating employees (in your desired local currency) throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

Key features and functionalities of Omni 

  • Secured employee database 

Gone are the days of scattered records in long spreadsheets and the risk of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands. Omni ensures that your employee data remain fully protected and confidential at all times. From visa status to compensation records and performance profiles, everything is securely stored in one centralized location.

  • Seamless onboarding 

There’s no room for compromise when it comes to welcoming new hires. Omni’s customizable onboarding workflows ensure you can craft the perfect welcome journey for each role, making them feel valued from day one. You can create your own templates and sequences to guide new hires through essential tasks and information efficiently.

  • Streamlined recruitment 

Omni simplifies and optimizes your entire recruitment journey. With just one click, you can effortlessly create and publish job postings on over 30 major job boards, ensuring that you attract top talent effortlessly. All candidate data is seamlessly synced and organized in one centralized location for easy access, enabling you to stay on top of the hiring process with ease.

Collaborating with hiring managers also becomes easy as Omni helps you schedule interviews and coordinate all aspects of the recruitment process. Once you’ve set up your recruitment workflow, Omni sends out offers or rejections, ensuring a smooth and efficient candidate experience.

  • Performance management 

Omni saves you from the hassle of compiling performance review forms and repeatedly reminding employees for submission. We put the entire process on autopilot and set up performance cycles for your company or specific teams, as needed. You can add different types of question formats — from short answers to rating scales. And if you don’t know what to ask in the review forms, our built-in performance review templates are here to get you started!

  • Payroll processing 

Omni simplifies your payroll process by automating complex payroll calculations taking into account all crucial data points. You can easily upload multiple payslips and let Omni handle their distribution.  Whether it’s adjusting salaries or generating payroll reports, Omni manages everything for you, saving you valuable time and effort.

  • Employee self service

Omni improves organizational efficiency by giving your team the access to employee  self-service portals. We allow your team members to effortlessly update their personal information, access payslips, and check their time off balance without the intervention of HR or their managers. This streamlined process minimizes your workload and fosters a more productive work environment, empowering employees to manage their benefits.

Trial and pricing options

Omni provides businesses with a free 14-day trial to experiment with the vast array of benefits our platform offers. Pricing plans start at $3 per employee per month and cover all core features you need to manage your HR functions, such as employee records, workflow automation, onboarding, e-sign, and more. Book a 30-minute demo call with us today to assess how Omni aligns with your specific requirements and objectives.

2. Talenta 

HR software Indonesia

Talenta is an HR automation platform designed to minimize human errors, enhance transparency, and reduce the time spent on HR administrative tasks. By automating various HR functions, Talenta empowers managers to redirect their focus to more critical aspects of their roles.

Key features and functionalities 

  • Employee self-service 

Talenta’s Employee Self-Service portal allows employees to access and manage their HR-related information on their own. They can easily update their personal details, apply for leave, and view payroll progress. 

  • HR analytics 

HR analytics tools help businesses gather valuable insights from HR data. Managers can analyze employee metrics, engagement rates, and other key indicators to make data-driven decisions. 

  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

The ATS feature simplifies recruitment with automated candidate sourcing, resume screening, and interview scheduling.

Trial and pricing options

Talenta offers a 14-day free trial and three plans, each tailored to varying business needs. However, the website doesn’t disclose any pricing information.

3. WebHR

HR software Indonesia

WebHR is an HR software Indonesia businesses can rely on to automate their core HR functions such as recruitment, onboarding, and payroll. With its modules, WebHR caters to businesses of all sizes, helping them streamline their processes and saving valuable time.

Features and functionalities 

  • Performance management 

The dashboard provides a comprehensive visual report of all the performance-related data collected within the system. This allows HR managers to track and monitor key performance indicators easily. 

  • Time and attendance management 

WebHR provides real-time information, informing managers about their employees’ project progress. It also offers a flexible option for employees to log their attendance from anywhere. 

  • Recruitment

The platform makes the recruitment process easy and handles everything from applications to interview scheduling and extending offers.

Trial and pricing options

WebHR offers a free trial to its users and provides a single plan costing $2 per employee per month for basic modules.

However, for businesses seeking additional functionalities such as an applicant tracking system, payroll management, and performance management tools, these features are only available at an extra cost.

4. LinovHR 

HR software Indonesia

LinovHR is an innovative Human Resource Management System designed to meet the growing needs of various businesses. It centralizes all major HR-related processes and provides a user-friendly interface to drive efficiency and boost productivity among the workforce.

Key features and functionalities

  • Unified HR database 

LinovHR helps businesses create a secured database of employee information, performance reports, and leave tracking to streamline decision-making and simplify employee management. 

  • Efficient recruitment 

LinovHR’s applicant tracking system simplifies the recruitment process and streamlines the hiring journey. This helps organizations identify and onboard the suitable candidates without any hassle. 

  • Performance management

The platform allows businesses to set clear objectives, conduct regular performance reviews, and identify areas of improvement for employees. With continuous feedback in the processes, organizations can succeed in creating a culture of continuous growth and development.

Trial and pricing options

LinovHR provides a free trial period during which businesses can explore the platform’s features.. As for the pricing, you can request a quote after providing some details about your business.

5. Oracle HCM

HR software Indonesia

Oracle HCM is an integrated suite of cloud-based applications designed to streamline, optimize, and automate HR processes. This HRIS Indonesia allows HR professionals and business leaders to make strategic and data-driven decisions by centralizing all crucial HR processes.

Key features and functionalities 

  • HCM analytics 

Oracle’s HCM analytics help businesses analyze vast amounts of HR data to gain valuable insights into performance, engagement, and productivity. 

  • Payroll management 

The payroll management system is designed to handle the complex payroll processes of businesses across various industries. It automates calculations, tax deductions, and other core payroll processes to ensure accurate and timely employee payment. 

  • Talent management 

The platform offers a comprehensive solution streamlining recruiting, performance management, learning, and success planning. With centralized processes, businesses can easily make data-driven decisions and create an engaged workforce.

Trial and pricing options 

The platform does provide a free trial to help users understand its features. As for the pricing, Oracle HCM has three plans with a per-employee-per-month model — Help Desk ($4), Talent Management ($10), and Global HR ($15).

Omni, the HR Software Indonesia Businesses Trust

Omni combines affordability with remarkable efficiency through its fully automated and highly customizable platform to dominate our list of best HR software Indonesia businesses rely on. With Omni, you get a wide range of features to create a highly engaged and efficient work environment for your employees to thrive. From onboarding to continuous development, our easy-to-use training modules, automated reminders, and personalized communication ensure an exceptional experience that saves you valuable time and offers your employees a customized support experience that is designed to grow alongside your business.

To learn more about how Omni can simplify your HR processes, book a free demo with our team today!

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