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The Onboarding Kit for Company Culture

The onboarding process is your opportunity to set the tone of your new hire’s experience and shape your company culture. Create a seamless and impactful onboarding experience that boosts retention rates and equip your new hires with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles with Omni’s comprehensive onboarding kit.

Elevate your onboarding process and cultivate a thriving company culture while empowering your new employees for success.

Omni’s onboarding kit includes:

  • Access to best practices for each stage of the onboarding cycle with a complete employee onboarding checklist.
  • Comprehensive 30-60-90 day plan template that empowers you to align new hires and managers on goals that directly contribute to your company’s mission.
  • Professional employee onboarding email templates for effortless information sharing and extending a warm welcome to your new team members.
  • New hire training plan template to ensure comprehensive coverage of your new hire training program.

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