The 5 Best HR Software Singapore Has to Offer in 2023

11 July 2023

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Kelsey Breton
Kelsey Breton

The responsibilities of HR managers extend far beyond the initial stages of recruitment. Once the right talent is identified and onboarded, HR managers must ensure smooth employee transitions, manage payroll processes, conduct performance evaluations, provide feedback, and much more. 


HR managers have a lot of functions to oversee, and without proper automation and efficient tools in place, these tasks can become time-consuming and prone to errors. That’s where HR automation can help businesses digitize and streamline the most time-consuming tasks to improve business function. From AI tools for HR to automation, HR professionals can save valuable time to dedicate to more strategic efforts such as employee engagement strategies and goal setting to improve company culture.

But among the various HRIS Singapore has to offer, making the right choice can be challenging. So we’ve rounded up the best 5 HR software Singapore businesses rely on to help you make the most of your investment.

What is HR Software?

HR software, also known as Human Resources Information System (HRIS), is a digital solution designed to assist businesses in managing their employees and performing tasks related to Human Resources. HRIS serves as a digital assistant for HR teams, streamlining processes and centralizing employee data. It automates everything from payroll processes and attendance tracking to recruitment, performance management, and beyond.

Why Do Organizations Need HRIS?

There are many benefits to investing in an all-in-one HR software, like saving an average of 30% on administrative costs and deepening your employee engagement. Let’s review how the HR software Singapore businesses rely on improves their business functions.

Simplified employee records

HRIS centralizes all of your employee data. Rather than having several spreadsheets to track employee addresses, visa status, payroll, and performance data, employee database software — or HRIS — ensures simplified and streamlined access to accurate and secure information whenever you need it. Because HRIS centralizes your data, you can easily manage who has access to what information and ensure that all relevant parties — from IT to management — are informed and updated in a matter of minutes.

Reduced administrative tasks

There’s a lot of administrative tasks that are required to help HR function effectively. From updating addresses, calculating payroll, sending welcome letters, and creating employee handbooks, these tasks are essential to crafting the employee experience and helping your company run, but they’re also incredibly time consuming.

HRIS automates all of these routine tasks and reduces the administrative burden on HR teams. With the capacity to build templates, automate workflows, and create the opportunity for employees to manage their own records, HRIS allows HR professionals to focus on other essential tasks that require more strategic thinking. With the right HRIS Singapore companies can save money on administrative tasks, and reduce the errors that manual entry and calculation are often prone to. 

Data-driven decision-making

HR is faced with big decisions that can determine the trajectory of a business such as recruiting and hiring talent as well as managing team performance. The HR software Singapore has to offer provides valuable insights and analytics that allow People Leaders to generate reports on various HR metrics (such as performance data). Such reports assist in making informed decisions related to workforce planning, talent management, and performance evaluation, resulting in higher performing teams and cost savings.

Increased employee engagement

Without HRIS, Singapore employees rely on their HR teams to perform simple tasks like applying for vacation or viewing their pay slips. These tasks are time consuming and disruptive to HR workflows, often resulting in delays for employees and slowing down important initiatives within HR. However, once leveraging HR software, Singapore employees are empowered to manage their own time off, track their performance reviews, and access their pay details without the intervention of HR. This helps employees better utilize their benefits, a key driver in employee engagement.

Streamlined onboarding processes

A successful onboarding process is crucial to the success of your organization — 69% of employees are more likely to stay at their company if they receive a quality onboarding experience. And creating a consistent and positive employee onboarding experience requires a uniformed and streamlined approach.

HRIS helps HR teams ensure that each employee joining their company receives the same level of support, helping reduce the workload of HR while setting employees up for success. With automated welcome emails, training progress tracking, and intuitive employee portals, the HRIS Singapore relies on makes onboarding efficient and effective.

Nurtured employee growth 

With HRIS, organizations can leverage performance data to identify employees with high potential, assess their skills (and gaps), and develop SMART goals and OKR plans for leadership positions. With this proactive approach, you will see a smooth leadership transition and reduced organizational talent gaps. 

The 5 Best HR Software Singapore Has to Offer in 2023

When it comes to HRIS, Singapore businesses rely on these trusted providers to manage their HR needs. Let’s take a look at the 5 best HR software Singapore has to offer in 2023.

1. Omni 

HR software Singapore

Omni is an all-in-one HR management software that combines the full suite of essential tools businesses need to automate and streamline their HR functions. By digitizing the entire end-to-end employee lifecycle, Omni helps simplify your processes such as effortlessly hiring, onboarding, managing, and compensating employees through one user-friendly platform. With localized support, competitive pricing, and the capability to integrate with your team’s favorite tools, Omni comes in at number 1 on our list of best HR software Singapore.

Powering some of Asia’s fastest growing modern businesses, Omni’s customers have experienced time savings, deepened engagement, and increased visibility through leveraging Omni’s intuitive platform.

Omni enables complete workflow automation throughout the entire employee lifecycle. With its intuitive dashboard, businesses can gain a holistic view of employee performance, attendance, leave management, payroll, and more. 

HR software Singapore

Key benefits of Omni 

Allows quick and secure employee data storage

Omni provides a fully secured and customizable employee database to organize and access all your crucial employee data, like visa status, compensation records, and performance profiles, all in one place. 

Provides the best onboarding experience to new hires

Omni helps provide a great first-day experience with customizable onboarding workflows. You can create your own templates and sequences and send out tasks to your team while effortlessly tracking their progress. Moreover, with continuous growth in hybrid workspaces, the virtual onboarding experience with Omni helps you provide a comprehensive remote onboarding experience to support your hybrid or remote workforce.

Localized support for South East Asia

With localized customer support you can rely on, automated payroll in the various countries you operate in, and collaboration with some of the best partners in the region — Omni is an HR software Singapore can rely on.

All-in-one processes

Centralize all of your employee activities along the talent lifecycle. Easily update, sync, customize, and share information as your business grows. No more data entry errors, disjointed systems, or complicated spreadsheets.

Supports flexible leave policies

Omni’s automation capabilities eliminate the chances of error due to complex spreadsheets. The leave management system is particularly helpful for those with flexible leave policies, as Omni allows you to create as many time-off policies as needed across your organization, and automatically routes time off requests to the appropriate manager or approver.

Affordable employee management solutions

The platform remains suitable for growing small to medium-sized businesses looking for an affordable employee management solution that provides everything you need to manage and grow. With plans starting at $3/employee, Omni offers support in an HRIS Singapore can rely on.

Provides seamless integration with your favorite apps

With seamless integration with all your favorite apps like Slack, Microsoft, and Google, Omni ensures your processes won’t be disrupted and your employees will adapt to the system without missing a beat.


Is there a free trial available?

Yes, Omni provides a free 14-day trial to experience the benefits of our platform first hand. Book some time with our team for a  30-minute demo call to discuss how Omni can suit your business.

Pricing plans

Omni provides various pricing options starting at $3 per employee per month. It covers all your fundamental requirements like maintaining employee records, onboarding, e-sign, workflow automation, and more.

Who should use Omni?

Omni is suitable for modern, growing businesses looking for an all-in-one HR management software to streamline the entire end-to-end employee lifecycle. Omni’s affordable pricing and wide variety of features make it a one-stop solution for HR software Singapore businesses can trust.

2. BambooHR

HR software Singapore

BambooHR helps streamline employee management processes and saves time spent handling tasks manually. Automated workflows and reports simplify how you manage HR processes and enable you to make better decisions based on real-time information.

Key benefits of BambooHR

Eliminates manual processes

BambooHR tracks working hours and calculates payrolls accordingly, eliminating the manual hassle of managing working hours and avoiding double entries, simplifying the payroll process.

Streamlines hiring and onboarding processes

When it comes to onboarding, BambooHR handles all crucial tasks like reviewing candidates, interviewing, and administering offer letters in one place, making hiring and onboarding easy for managers. 

Helps generate custom reports 

BambooHR makes it easy to gather employee data and generate a variety of custom reports to streamline decision making and provide accurate analysis of business information.


Is there a free trial available?

Yes, BambooHR provides a free trial with limited features for 30 days. 

Pricing plans

BambooHR provides two pricing plans — Essentials ($5.25) and Advantage ($8.75). The essentials plan includes all basic features like employee records, time-off management, and standard workflows. 

Who should use BambooHR?

BambooHR is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses for analyzing employee data and managing performance. 

3. peopleHum

HR software Singapore

peopleHum is an innovative Human Resources platform offering various HR solutions to simplify and optimize workforce management. It remains highly efficient in streamlining the overall application to offer letter experience. 

Key benefits of peopleHum

Digital information storage 

The platform allows storing and organizing all crucial employee data, managing leave, allocating shifts, and more, in one system. peopleHum eliminates the need to manually enter employee data and helps digitally manage employee information. 

Easy performance management

Their performance tracking feature helps to recognize your top-performing employees and provide regular feedback and coaching.

Data-driven decision-making 

PeopleHum provides robust analytics to ensure your team takes all crucial actions based on data rather than guesswork. 


Is there a free trial available?

Yes, peopleHum offers a free trial to inquiring customers.

Pricing plans

PeopleHum offers services starting at $2/employee per month, though their website does not indicate what those services include.

Who should use peopleHum? 

peopleHum is suitable for small to medium organizations searching for AI-based data analysis. 

4. QuickHR

HR software Singapore

QuickHR provides all the necessary tools for managing employee records, attendance, payroll, and performance reporting and offers many integrations to ensure smooth functioning.

Key benefits of QuickHR 

Streamlined employee self-service

With user-friendly features, employees can conveniently check their leave balances, submit leave applications, download pay slips, and perform other essential HR-related functions.  

Provides an intuitive interface

The platform’s interface caters to users with varying experience levels in employee management software. Its user-friendly design ensures that even individuals with minimal exposure to such systems can easily navigate and utilize its features. 

Comprehensive all-in-one solution

From biometric attendance tracking to payroll and leave management, the platform aligns essential HR processes in one place. This eliminates the need for multiple software, causing confusion and requiring additional investment. 


Is there a free trial available?

Yes, the platform provides a 14-day free trial. 

Pricing plans

QuickHR provides three different plans — Essentials ($5), Enhanced ($10), and Enterprise ($15) per employee per month. All crucial features like attendance tracking, timesheets, key integrations, recruitment, and learning management system are included in the Enhanced and Enterprise plans only. 

Who should use QuickHR?  

QuickHR covers all fundamental features small to medium organizations require for employee management. However, crucial features like payroll, timesheet, and reporting are lacking, making it a less preferred option for HR software Singapore businesses may want for complete automation of their HR functions. 

5. Keka

HR software Singapore

Keka automates various people processes, making it an efficient HR software Singapore choice. With its wide array of options tailored to businesses of all sizes, Keka offers an extensive range of features for HRIS Singapore needs. 

Key benefits of Keka 

Effortless employee tracking

Keka’s employee tracking tool updates managers and HR with leave summaries, special events like birthdays, and task progress for effortless tracking. 

Enhanced communication

Managers can easily track progress, provide feedback, and schedule one-on-one meetings with direct reports through their platform. 

User-friendly dashboard

The dashboard provides all the vital information employees need at their fingertips, and allows HR to control who sees specific information for security purposes.


Is there a free trial available?

Yes, Keka provides a 7-day free trial.

Pricing plans

Keka has various pricing plans, with HR & Payroll ranges from $84-$169, and customized plans for specific requirements. 

Who should use Keka?

As Keka’s pricing remains on the higher end, it’s more suitable for medium to enterprise businesses. 

Omni, the HR Software Singapore Businesses Rely On

HR software Singapore

Affordable, functional, and suitable for modern businesses — Omni is an HRIS Singapore HR teams can count on. 


Omni’s fully automated HR platform allows HR teams and managers to create customizable templates that grow alongside your business, molding to each employee’s unique needs and reducing the administrative burden that comes with managing the employee lifecycle. Set up training modules, send automatic reminders, and build personalized communication practices to keep your employees engaged and supported during and beyond their onboarding experience.


To join the 83% of Omni customers who have unlocked new, actionable insights after using our Performance modules, book a free demo with our team today.

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