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    For over a decade Animas Centre for Coaching has stood at the forefront of transformative coaching. Through a unique psychological approach, Animas empowers their clients to make changes that bring greater happiness, meaning, and fulfillment to both their professional and personal lives. Offering an accredited life coaching course, Animas is one of the few courses to be accredited by all three of the leading coaching associations (ICF, EMCC, & AC).

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    Leny Lopez

    Operations Manager at Animas Centre for Coaching

    We are able to navigate Omni’s platform with such ease, given that the interface is so clean and modern, it gives us all the features we need. Omni’s support team is warm, patient, and helpful. Communicating with them feels like I’m talking to a friend that’s an HR master; it gives us the assurance that we made the right decision to switch to Omni.

    1. Time off tracking

    The Challenge

    Leave management is a central component to employee benefits, and overseeing competing schedules across multiple employees became a challenge due to the lack of visibility into employee data. Animas was in need of a transparent system that allowed their HR team to easily track, view, and manage time off requests and schedules across their teams.

    Omni’s Solution

    Omni automatically monitors, tracks and evaluates employee performance so HR teams can get back to the parts of their job they love. With features like flexible policy setting, single-click approval, and at-a-glance team calendars, Omni alleviates HR teams of the cumbersome administrative tasks that often come with leave management. After switching to Omni, the Animas HR team was able to easily and efficiently track and manage their team’s schedules all in one place with weekly and monthly overviews of their team’s schedules, replacing their Google calendar method.

    The Results

    visibility into employee’s time off

    2. Ease of use

    The Challenge

    As an evolving business, the Animas team was in need of an HR system that allowed them the flexibility to customize the features most relevant to their business needs. Their previous software took a one-size-fits-all approach that was difficult to navigate, and lacked the tailored approach their HR team required to best support their employees.

    Omni’s Solution

    Omni’s fully customizable employee database allows Animas to track relevant data for their teams while eliminating unnecessary fields that may clutter the user interface. With an intuitive and modern design, Animas HR leaders can confidently and intuitively navigate records to quickly and efficiently source the information needed to champion their teams.

    The Results

    Increase in user satisfaction while using Omni’s platform

    3. Product value

    The Challenge

    With a fast-paced and demanding schedule, the Animas team was in search of effective, approachable support that was not only affordable, but easy to access. With a desire to reduce their overhead without losing out on value, Animas was in need of an easy-to-reach customer support team where they could have their most pressing questions and concerns addressed in a timely manner.

    Omni’s Solution

    Omni’s customer support team is available to offer on-demand, approachable solutions, regardless of time zones. To ensure Animas gets the most out of Omni’s solutions, the support team is on call to walk their team through their most pressing queries and concerns, offering solutions and best practices to maximize HR’s productivity, at a third of the cost from their previous system.

    The Results

    cost savings when switching to Omni

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