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The Modern CEO’s Guide to Growth Through Company Culture

The culture of your company is one of the single most important aspects of your business strategy. Culture drives productivity and innovation, determines recruitment and retention costs, and can be a major determinate of business success. As it stands, companies with a highly engaged workforce enjoy 21% greater profitability over their counterparts with less-engaged employees.

CEOs play a critical role in shaping this culture through their communication, actions, leadership style and strategic business decisions like what programs they invest in. Understanding company culture and it’s various complexities through the lens of a CEO is key to tapping into the potential to grow your business.

Our guide to company culture and growth covers:

  • Leading research and statistics on the impacts of culture, employee perceptions, and the ROI of CEO’s investment in culture
  • Strategies and actionable tips for CEOs to implement and drive a growth-oriented culture
  • A strategic playbook for partnering with HR to shape and maintain culture

With our guide to company culture and growth you can:

  • Explore the tangible and intangible effects of organizational climate on employees and the bottom line, backed by compelling research and statistics.
  • Empower CEOs to cultivate an environment that fuels growth with actionable tips and proven strategies.
  • Develop a collaborative roadmap with HR to design and uphold a strong organizational climate.

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