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HR Calendar 2024

Employee engagement is a cornerstone of productivity and retention, and requires consistent and thoughtful initiatives from HR teams and managers. Pre-planning and remaining on top of key dates and opportunities to create engaging moments with your workforce is an integral step in boosting engagement.

Our HR Calendar for 2024 helps HR teams do just that. With 12 months of holidays, key initiative dates like pre-filing tax deadlines, and reminders to prepare for performance reviews and HR budget planning, the HR Calendar 2024 takes your planning efforts to the next level.

Our fully customizable, downloadable HR Calendar 2024 includes:

  • A comprehensive overview HR initiatives, employee engagement opportunities, key holidays, and compliance dates for the whole of 2024
  • Employee engagement ideas for each month of the year, ranging from quick initiatives to more in-depth strategies
  • Best practices and tips for how to effectively engage your team
  • A fully customizable calendar to include dates and notes relevant to your organization

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