Beyond Glass Ceilings: Strategies for Empowering Women Leaders in Singapore

women leaders

As Singapore business continues to gain the spotlight on the worldstage, more opportunities for career development are making their way into the city-state. HR leaders are thinking about how to best support their employees while prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts within their organization.  The People Collective (TPC)—a Slack community for HR professionals across […]

Meet the Omni Team at HR Tech Festival 2024

HR Tech Festival 2024

The 23rd edition of HR Tech Festival Asia is upon us, convening in Singapore from 24 April to the 25th, and we are excited to announce that Omni will be exhibiting at this year’s event! Our team will be at booth D13, where in addition to some fun activities and prizes, we’ll be showcasing Omni’s […]

The Benefits of Using Salary Bands

salary bands

What are salary bands? Organizations use salary bands, also known as pay ranges or salary banding, to define the minimum and maximum compensation for specific job levels. These ranges play a crucial role in your company’s compensation strategy, helping you make informed decisions during hiring, performance management, and career development processes. In simpler terms, establishing […]

HR’s Cheat Sheet to Diversity Management

diversity management

What is diversity management? Diversity management has become an essential aspect of effective organizational leadership in today’s globalized world. The practice of diversity management goes beyond simply having a diverse workforce; it’s about actively fostering an inclusive environment where individuals from various backgrounds, identities, races, sexual orientations, faiths and genders feel valued, respected, and empowered […]

HR’s Guide to Preparing for Mid-Year Performance Reviews

mid-year performance reviews

As we approach the midpoint of the year, it’s crucial to reflect on our progress and set the course for the remainder of the year. Feedback plays an important role in this process where a survey showed that 80% employees who have received meaningful feedback have higher engagement. While annual and mid-year performance reviews are […]

What is an ESG Score and Why Should it be a Part of Your People Strategy?

what is an ESG score

According to the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) must be limited by 2025 to avoid the irreversible effects of climate change. Asia Pacific has a crucial part to play, as an increasing share of global emissions will come from the region; this has seen an increase from 35% in […]

The Singapore Annual Leave Entitlement Guide

Singapore leave

A decent work life balance is the key to an engaged and healthy workforce. As an employer, understanding your employees’ rights and benefits regarding Singapore leave entitlements is crucial for fostering an engaged workforce, reducing burnout and ensuring compliance with local Singapore regulations. Annual leave is one of the more standard elements of employee benefits […]

Leveraging Singapore’s Mental Well-Being Programs to Improve Employee Mental Health

workplace mental health Singapore

In a 2023 Ipsos survey conducted in over 31 countries, Singapore had the highest satisfaction rate for its healthcare system (71%). Yet, that didn’t seem to translate to the mental health department. Mental health was found to be the top 2023 health concern, higher than cancer and the coronavirus. By better understanding workplace mental health […]

What is SG Enable? Tools for Building a More Equitable Working Environment in Singapore

SG enable

Diversity is a key driver of innovation, and is particularly important (and impactful) when it comes to leadership positions.  When we think of diversity initiatives, organizations tend to focus on factors such as race or gender, but often fail to consider ability.  Persons with disabilities (PWDs)  often face difficulty in getting jobs, let alone reaching […]

A Guide to Singapore’s Workplace Wellbeing Champions Network

wellbeing champions

A physically and mentally well workforce is more productive than those torn between unrealistic deadlines and pressure. Workplace wellbeing initiatives aim to create such work cultures where employees thrive, grow, and are satisfied with their jobs. In fact, according to a 2020 Deloitte survey on workplace wellbeing, 80% of executives claimed that well-being was their […]