24 Creative New Employee Welcome Kit Ideas

new employee welcome kit ideas

The onboarding process is an essential part of the employee experience. And while many necessary steps in a welcome packet for new employees include paperwork and formalities, it’s not the most exciting way to introduce someone to your company and its culture. In addition to preparing new employees for their roles, onboarding should give them […]

8 Reasons Small Businesses Need an All-in-One HR Software

Human Resource departments are essential to creating high functioning businesses. From engaging employees to identifying and recruiting top talent, the role of HR is vast. And within a small business, the effectiveness of each department is felt strongly across the business. HR professionals know better than anyone, administrative tasks are an essential yet time consuming […]

How to Set Key Performance Indicators for Employees (+7 Examples)

Measurement is an important tool for management as it allows you to assess the effectiveness of your (and your team’s) work, showcase the value of that work, efficiently manage resources, and focus on improving performance. Setting key performance indicators for employees provides a framework to easily track, measure, and report on their performance. Here, we’ll […]

25 Effective Self-Evaluation Examples for Performance Reviews

self evaluation

Love them or hate them, performance reviews are a fact of life for most employees. And while the process can at times feel daunting, the feedback received from performance reviews often help mold your skills and provide motivation and understanding of how you contribute to an organization’s overall goals and outcomes.  When we think of […]

Performance Review SMART Goals: 18 Examples to Drive Results

Taking a thoughtful and measured approach to performance review goals for employees increases your businesses potential for success while benefiting your employees growth and engagement. In fact, research shows performance feedback increases company profitability and employee productivity as well as decreases employee turnover.  By implementing performance review SMART goals, managers are able to deliver actionable […]

4 Common Performance Appraisal Biases (and Tips to Avoid Them)

Performance Appraisal Biases

Recognition is a top tier motivation among employees, and higher employee engagement can increase company profitability by as much as 22%. Amid the busy schedules and long to-do lists for HR teams, performance appraisals are a consistent opportunity for managers to recognize and engage their employees.  Performance appraisals are meant to provide an unbiased, objective […]

OKR Goal Setting: The Easy-to-Follow Guide to OKRs

OKR goal setting

Setting clear goals and measuring progress is crucial for any business to engage employees and reach desirable outcomes. OKRs allow managers to provide a framework for setting goals, aligning teams, and driving focus and accountability. Used by some of the world’s biggest companies, (we’re looking at you Google and Netflix) OKRs have proven to be […]

Modern Companies Need Performance Management System Software, Here’s What to Look For

Performance Management System

48% of employees care more about their work when they receive feedback in the workplace, yet only 2% of companies worldwide believe their performance management process delivers high value. This could be because performance management — the strategy organizations use to manage, measure, and improve employee performance — has an administrative problem. Any manager or […]