AI HR: How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Human Resources


Rapidly advancing technology is driving major transformations across nearly every industry. At the tip of this technological spear is artificial intelligence (AI), which is making automation, data collation, and decision making faster and more accurate than ever before. Nowhere is this more evident than in Human Resources, where AI tools for HR are playing an […]

5 HRIS Analyst Job Description Examples

hris analyst job description

Whether you’re looking to become an HRIS Analyst or looking to hire one, understanding the various requirements and facets of the role can be essential. An HRIS Analyst job description illustrates how the multifaceted role involves using HRIS to manage HR-related matters such as system implementation, data analytics, payroll, performance and more. Analyzing a typical […]

How to Leverage AI Tools for Employee Engagement

AI tools for employee engagement

AI tools are the latest trend among productivity hacks for professionals, from AI tools for HR, employee onboarding AI, AI tools for performance management, and AI tools for recruitment, there’s seemingly nothing AI can’t be leveraged for (aside some human interaction and support that is). With so many of our previously time consuming and mundane […]

The Role of AI Tools for Performance Management

AI tools for performance management

Employee performance is a crucial, ongoing initiative for HR teams and managers. Strong employee performance leads to increased efficiency and productivity of organizational processes as a whole, and can determine everything from company culture to profitability.  Beginning at the time of onboarding, performance management requires various touch points during the employee lifecycle. Regular 1-on-1 meetings, […]

The Full Guide to HRIS Analyst: Skills, Job Scope and Career Path

hris analyst

There are countless disciplines within the practice of Human Resources. Recruitment, Benefits Specialists, HRBP’s, and HRIS Analysts are just a few of the areas of expertise. Whether you’re looking to specialize within your current HR career or determining a direction to embark before entering the workforce, understanding the various options available can help decipher what […]

2023’s Top 5 AI Tools for Recruitment

AI tools for recruitment

Finding the right talent requires a deep understanding of the role you’re looking to fill, as well as your organization’s mission, values, and culture. But most recruiters get stuck on sourcing a high-quality pool of candidates to further analyze. While unclear job descriptions, lack of transparency, or weak company culture can certainly be among the […]

How Performance Review AI Has Impacted Performance Management: Your Guide to Adapting to The Future of HR

Performance Review AI

The contemporary HR environment looks radically different than it did even 10 years ago. Technology continues to drive significant transformations, with artificial intelligence (AI) at the forefront of this revolution.  AI’s integration into performance management practices marks a profound shift in how organizations evaluate and nurture their workforce. Traditional performance reviews, with their reliance on […]

The 5 Best HR Software Indonesia Has to Offer in 2023

HR software Indonesia

HR professionals have a lot of responsibilities — ranging from hiring the right talent, managing employee performance, maintaining a positive workplace culture, processing payroll, and much more. Their to-do list is packed with impactful tasks and initiatives, and errors in handling these core HR functions can lead to significant financial losses, compliance issues, and even […]

Employee Onboarding AI: Leveraging Technology to Streamline and Automate

Employee Onboarding AI

Employee onboarding is the first step in making a lasting impression on your new hires and setting them up for success within your organization. Yet conventional onboarding processes are often inefficient and lack consistency, causing more confusion for new hires in their initial days within their new role. The use of AI can revolutionize the […]

The 5 Best HR Software Singapore Has to Offer in 2023

HR Software Singapore

The responsibilities of HR managers extend far beyond the initial stages of recruitment. Once the right talent is identified and onboarded, HR managers must ensure smooth employee transitions, manage payroll processes, conduct performance evaluations, provide feedback, and much more.    HR managers have a lot of functions to oversee, and without proper automation and efficient […]