The Difference Between HRIS vs HRMS

Human Resources Management System

While researching for the right HR software for your organization, you may come across these two primary systems: the Human Resources Management System (HRMS) and the Human Resources Information System (HRIS). These terms are often used interchangeably, causing confusion and frustration among HR professionals regarding which one is truly necessary for their HR responsibilities. In […]

Top 5 Challenges of Malaysia’s Tax Season and How HRIS Solutions Can Help

income tax 2023 deadline

A Gartner report states that 47% of HR leaders intend to boost their 2023 budgets, focusing primarily on investments in recruiting and HR technology. This is no surprise as HR technology, like HRIS solutions, has consistently adapted to meet the growing challenges in the field, including tax filing complexities. With the income tax 2023 deadline […]

HRIS ROI Calculator: Does Investing in HRIS Pay Off?


In the business context, Return on Investment (ROI) is arguably one of the more important metrics. Think about it—for any organization to maintain their success, the money spent needs to at least be returned (and for most organizations, a profit on top). ROI might be relatively easy to track in certain departments (like Sales), but […]

Key Features Every Modern HR Software Should Have

HR software

The role of HR leaders has expanded greatly since the pandemic. A Gartner survey found that ‘70% of HR leaders say they have more opportunities for impact and 58% report they have more authority to determine strategic priorities.’ How does this translate to your business? The changing landscape requires a change in resources and tools […]

Top 6 HRIS Philippines for 2024

HRIS Philippines

Recognizing the need for streamlined and efficient HR processes, many businesses in the Philippines are embracing HR tools to leverage technology that helps modernize their businesses. These tools incorporate technology, automation, and data-driven decision-making strategies to keep HR teams on top of growing workplace trends. The integration of HRIS Philippines plays a vital role in […]

The HR Tools Growing Teams Need in 2024

HR tools

What are HR Tools? Juggling tasks from talent acquisition to performance management is probably not your favorite circus trick to pull off. And while people are undoubtedly at the heart of HR, there’s an often underappreciated aspect of successful people managers—the HR tools they utilize to get the job done. HR professionals today are turning […]

Future-Proofing HR: Embracing Technology and Data for HR Success

Technology is changing the business landscape at an unprecedented pace. As every industry embarks in the race to keep up, HR teams are pushing to embrace technology and leverage data to future-proof their approach and practices of People management. So exactly how is the technological leap affecting HR? And what will Human Resources teams need […]

AI HR: How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Human Resources


Rapidly advancing technology is driving major transformations across nearly every industry. At the tip of this technological spear is artificial intelligence (AI), which is making automation, data collation, and decision making faster and more accurate than ever before. Nowhere is this more evident than in Human Resources, where AI tools for HR are playing an […]

5 HRIS Analyst Job Description Examples

hris analyst job description

Whether you’re looking to become an HRIS Analyst or looking to hire one, understanding the various requirements and facets of the role can be essential. An HRIS Analyst job description illustrates how the multifaceted role involves using HRIS to manage HR-related matters such as system implementation, data analytics, payroll, performance and more. Analyzing a typical […]

How to Leverage AI Tools for Employee Engagement

AI tools for employee engagement

AI tools are the latest trend among productivity hacks for professionals, from AI tools for HR, employee onboarding AI, AI tools for performance management, and AI tools for recruitment, there’s seemingly nothing AI can’t be leveraged for (aside some human interaction and support that is). With so many of our previously time consuming and mundane […]