5 Onboarding Specialist Job Description Examples

Onboarding Specialist job description

Onboarding is an integral part of the employee experience, setting the foundation for your organization’s culture, productivity, and engagement. A well crafted Onboarding Specialist job description takes into account the significant impact the employee onboarding experience has on your organization, understanding it’s essential that HR teams dedicate their time and resources to building and maintaining […]

5 Onboarding Manager Job Description Examples to Attract Top Talent

Onboarding Manager Job Description

An exceptional employee onboarding experience plays a crucial role in retaining your most valuable team members. High quality onboarding requires an intentional effort from organizations, one that is often put to the wayside. According to Gallup, only 12% of employees strongly agree that their respective organizations excel at onboarding new hires.  This glaring statistic underscores […]

Create a Memorable New Hire Orientation: Tips, Checklists, and Best HR Practices

new hire orientation

Part of the overall onboarding process, new hire orientation is pivotal for every scaling business. Whilst new hire onboarding deals with the initial stages and details of hiring new people, new hire orientation ensures their interest, engagement, and longevity in your company.  When carried out successfully, new hire orientation will boost efficiency and productivity, and […]

8 Key Onboarding Documents for Your New Hire Journey

Onboarding Documents

Onboarding is a crucial time for both employees and the companies that hire them. As your new hire’s first introduction into your organization, it’s important that their onboarding process — and the onboarding documents you provide — is informative, cohesive, and engaging.  A strong onboarding process can increase new hire retention by 82% and improve […]

Employee Onboarding AI: Leveraging Technology to Streamline and Automate

Employee Onboarding AI

Employee onboarding is the first step in making a lasting impression on your new hires and setting them up for success within your organization. Yet conventional onboarding processes are often inefficient and lack consistency, causing more confusion for new hires in their initial days within their new role. The use of AI can revolutionize the […]

10 Companies That Have the Best Employee Onboarding Experience (and You Can Too)

best employee onboarding experience

Picture this: a new employee walks into your office on their first day, brimming with excitement and eager to contribute. How do you ensure their transition into your company is smooth, engaging, and sets the foundation for long-term success? That’s precisely where exceptional employee onboarding demonstrates its value.  From tech giants like Google and Microsoft […]

Onboarding Done Right: Tips and Welcome Message Examples for New Employees

how to welcome a new employee

The onboarding process sets the tone for a new hire’s experience and can shape their perception of your company as well as impact their decision to stay long-term. A welcoming and well-executed onboarding process can help new hires feel valued, supported, and set them up for a successful transition into their new role. While paperwork […]

Employee Onboarding Experience Matters — Here’s How to Measure it

how to measure onboarding employee experience

Employee onboarding — the process in which new hires are integrated into an organization — is one of the key pillars in building engaged and productive teams. Onboarding is often one of the first opportunities an employee gets to interact with and learn about your company and sets the tone for their experience as an […]

24 Creative New Employee Welcome Kit Ideas

new employee welcome kit ideas

The onboarding process is an essential part of the employee experience. And while many necessary steps in a welcome packet for new employees include paperwork and formalities, it’s not the most exciting way to introduce someone to your company and its culture. In addition to preparing new employees for their roles, onboarding should give them […]

Optimize your Onboarding: 8 Tips to Increase Employee Retention

8 Tips To Ensure Your New Joiners Actually Join

Keeping talent engaged and invested in your company is an ongoing responsibility for HR teams. While company culture and attractive benefits are certainly key components to retaining employees, retention efforts begin as early as onboarding. In fact, an effective employee onboarding process has been shown to increase retention rates by 80% and improve overall productivity […]