HR’s 2024 Guide to Singapore Maternity Leave

maternity leave Singapore

Policies on maternity leave Singapore are crucial components of a company’s HR management, with Singapore’s Employment Act setting out the basic requirements for maternity leave entitlements. Effective management of maternity leave Singapore policies can contribute to legal compliance, workforce diversity,  employee retention and keeping them motivated and engaged.  This guide provides the necessary information on […]

The Singapore Annual Leave Entitlement Guide

Singapore leave

A decent work life balance is the key to an engaged and healthy workforce. As an employer, understanding your employees’ rights and benefits regarding Singapore leave entitlements is crucial for fostering an engaged workforce, reducing burnout and ensuring compliance with local Singapore regulations. Annual leave is one of the more standard elements of employee benefits […]

HR’s Guide to Employee Leave Management

employee leave management

Paid time off, otherwise known as PTO, is a key element of the employee experience. It allows employees to recharge, take breaks, and come back with a refreshed and productive mindset. By allowing your workforce time to attend to their personal needs, you are helping them to stay present and engaged while at work (while […]

Employee Time Off Request Management in 3 Effective Steps

employee time off request

Receiving an employee time off request is a routine occurrence for HR professionals and managers. As company culture remains top of mind for many as a tool for employee retention and engagement, HR leaders are encouraging their employees to utilize their benefits and maintain a healthy work-life balance. But with the various tasks that HR […]

What is a Leave Management System? Why Every Business Needs One

leave management system

Leave management systems help businesses manage employee time off requests and absences. As a business owner, you might wonder if you really need an employee leave management system. After all, can’t you just keep track of employee vacation days and parental leave in a spreadsheet? While tracking employee’s leave manually may work for a small […]