OKR Software Comparison Guide 2024

OKR management tools

Fortune Business Insights forecasts that “the global OKR software market size is projected to grow from $1.15 billion in 2023 to $2.98 billion by 2030, at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 14.6% during the forecast period.”  The Asia Pacific region is expected to experience the fastest growth in the global market, surpassing America, […]

Understanding and Implementing Quarterly Goals

quarterly goals

The concept of goal-setting isn’t new to the workplace. Organizations across different industries and sizes commonly employ goal-setting as a means to achieve a variety of objectives.  Research shows that when a formidable goal strategy is in place performance and productivity spike to new levels. However, the more ambitious and far-reaching the goals, the greater […]

How to Write a Performance Review in a Remote Work Environment

how to write a performance review

Performance management is a crucial part of employee development but it can be a delicate and daunting process. Performance reviews help managers identify employee strengths and weaknesses while providing feedback on progress and areas for improvement. Hence, knowing how to write a performance review is extremely important. By turning it into a formula based on […]

3 HR Leaders Share Performance Review Tips For More Impactful Review Cycles

performance review tips

Traditional performance reviews are undergoing a shift, mirroring the broader cultural changes brought about by the transition to a remote workforce and hybrid arrangements. As we enter into a new year and fresh performance management, companies are grappling with the challenge of facilitating fair assessments that go beyond the traditional annual or semi-annual model and […]

How to Give Constructive Feedback: 3 HR Experts in Asia Weigh in

how to give constructive feedback

Constructive feedback, often framed as negative feedback, is one of the many challenging aspects of HR duties. Yet mastering how to give constructive feedback can help improve communication, advance employee’s skills, drive productivity, and reduce friction within teams.  The People Collective (TPC), a Slack community of HR leaders across Southeast Asia and beyond, recently hosted […]

The Manager’s Guide to Asking for Feedback

asking for feedback

Seasoned professionals and entry-level employees alike  possess areas for improvement, especially within their professional endeavors. These growth opportunities are often blindspots we have difficulty identifying, which is why feedback can be such a powerful tool in improving performance. However, constructive feedback does not come automatically, instead it is often sought after. This is particularly important […]

50 End of Year Employee Review Examples and Tips

end of year employee review examples

What is an End of Year Employee Review? End-of-year employee reviews (also referred to as annual performance reviews or appraisals) are structured assessments employers use to evaluate their employee’s performance over the course of a year. They serve as a formal opportunity for employers and employees to have a constructive dialogue about job performance, accomplishments, […]

6 Tips for Managers to Improve Your Next Employee Work Review

work review

Whether quarterly or annual, the employee work review offers an opportunity to check in, acknowledge where employees are thriving as well as identify areas for improvement, and drive workplace culture for increased productivity and retention.  By now, you’ve likely read dozens of articles discussing how to conduct a work review, strategies for structuring self-evaluations, and […]

Strategies for Effectively Structuring Self-Evaluation Conversations


The self-evaluation has become an integral part of modern performance management, empowering employees to actively participate in assessing their own work, achievements, and areas for improvement. In contrast to traditional performance reviews, where feedback often comes solely from managers or peers, self-evaluations provide employees with a voice and the opportunity to take ownership of their […]

How to Apply, Claim, and Select Training Programs for HRDF Malaysia

HRDF Malaysia

For Malaysian businesses looking to maximize their workforce potential, knowing the ins-and-outs of the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) is crucial. HRDF Malaysia serves as a cornerstone for employee development, providing financial assistance and support for training initiatives. Here, we’re taking a look at everything you need to know to apply, report and maintain compliance, […]