The 15 Leadership Qualities of Impactful Managers

leadership qualities

Our ideas about leadership are constantly evolving. Over the last decade, the concept of a tough manager who gets results regardless of how they treat subordinates has become obsolete. Research has consistently shown that the most successful managers share a series of leadership qualities that include empathy and compassion as well as strategic thinking and […]

How to Motivate Employees: 8 Data-Backed Tips for Managers

How to Motivate Employees

It’s impossible to overstate the value of a properly motivated and engaged employee. Yes, productivity is a huge benefit, as is the quality of work they produce. But there’s even more to it — if you know how to motivate employees properly, it will improve their quality of life, boost employee morale, enhance job satisfaction, […]

How Transactional Leadership Affects Employee Performance

Transactional Leadership

There’s no one correct way to lead a team. Different circumstances call for different tactics, for example, a small organization designing toys for children is going to operate wildly different than a multi-national bank. There are a variety of leadership styles that any manager or business leader can use to motivate and guide their employees. […]

5 Inspiring Company Culture Examples for Building a Great Workplace

company culture examples

A strong company culture is essential to an organization’s success. Positive company culture increases employee engagement which in turn boosts productivity. Studies have shown high employee engagement can boost productivity by as much as 23%. Regardless of your company size, sourcing inspiration from successful companies such as Google or Zappos can help you to create […]

How to Eliminate Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Introduction to Discrimination Based on Gender Identity We have been trying to close the gender gap for decades, and yet, gender discrimination is still everywhere, in every country, in every industry, and likely in your own company. From unequal wages to micro-aggressions based on gender, race, ethnicity, and sexual identity and barriers to the advancement […]

Onboarding Done Right: Tips and Welcome Message Examples for New Employees

how to welcome a new employee

The onboarding process sets the tone for a new hire’s experience and can shape their perception of your company as well as impact their decision to stay long-term. A welcoming and well-executed onboarding process can help new hires feel valued, supported, and set them up for a successful transition into their new role. While paperwork […]

24 Creative New Employee Welcome Kit Ideas

new employee welcome kit ideas

The onboarding process is an essential part of the employee experience. And while many necessary steps in a welcome packet for new employees include paperwork and formalities, it’s not the most exciting way to introduce someone to your company and its culture. In addition to preparing new employees for their roles, onboarding should give them […]

Prioritizing Employee Engagement For Higher Growth

employee engagement

The level of employee engagement in your workforce greatly influences how successful your company will be. Gallup’s Q12 meta-analysis of business units in 96 countries found a strong link between engagement and performance outcomes such as employee retention, productivity, and profitability. Since the onset of Covid-19, employee engagement has been negatively impacted across the board. […]

Practical Approaches to Identify and Tackle Employee Burnout Signs Head-On

employee burnout signs

Employee burnout has become an epidemic among today’s workforce. With 77% of professionals reporting they’ve experienced burnout at their current job, learning how to identify and address employee burnout signs has become a non-negotiable for HR leaders and managers hoping to retain their employees. Fortunately, employee burnout signs are easily identified when leaders are educated […]

Create an Impact with These Tips for 1-on-1 Meetings

1-on-1 meetings

At their best, 1-on-1 meetings allow for an opportunity to establish a trusting relationship with your peers and provide an opportunity to align on business goals and career objectives. Surveys have shown 75% of managers utilize 1-on-1 meetings as an opportunity to discuss development and growth with their employees. 1-on-1 meetings provide a dedicated space […]