The 15 Leadership Qualities of Impactful Managers

leadership qualities

Our ideas about leadership are constantly evolving. Over the last decade, the concept of a tough manager who gets results regardless of how they treat subordinates has become obsolete. Research has consistently shown that the most successful managers share a series of leadership qualities that include empathy and compassion as well as strategic thinking and […]

How Transactional Leadership Affects Employee Performance

Transactional Leadership

There’s no one correct way to lead a team. Different circumstances call for different tactics, for example, a small organization designing toys for children is going to operate wildly different than a multi-national bank. There are a variety of leadership styles that any manager or business leader can use to motivate and guide their employees. […]

How to Eliminate Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Introduction to Discrimination Based on Gender Identity We have been trying to close the gender gap for decades, and yet, gender discrimination is still everywhere, in every country, in every industry, and likely in your own company. From unequal wages to micro-aggressions based on gender, race, ethnicity, and sexual identity and barriers to the advancement […]