The 4 Skills People Leaders Need For the Future of HR and the Gen Z Shift

future of hr

Gen Z is the next wave of talent entering the global workforce and joining the ranks of HR leaders. Born between 1997 and 2012, Gen Z currently makes up 30% of the world’s population and is expected to account for 27% of the workforce by 2025. But unlike the older generations, Gen Z People Leaders […]

What Is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)? Understanding the Pros & Cons


You may dream of growing your mid-sized business or increasing its production, or you simply want to expand your team. With all company growth comes a need for a robust HR team to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes. From time-consuming recruitment efforts to ever-evolving local, state, and federal labor laws, the pressure to […]

What Is an Employer of Record (EOR)? Pros & Cons Explained


The global market size of outsourced services was worth over $90 billion USD in 2019, doubling its value since 2000. With the rise of outsourcing, it’s only natural to question how you can source talent in the global market without establishing other bases around the world. Many seamless solutions are there to help your business […]

Why Mental Health Days Are Essential for Your Employees

mental health days at work

In recent years, there has been growing awareness of mental health in the workplace (and for good reason). Employees experience stress and burnout from work, their personal lives, or both. In addition to the daily stressors of our personal and professional lives, 15% of working-age adults were reported to struggle with mental health issues in […]

The 7 C’s of Team Effectiveness (With Models to Drive Results)

Team Effectiveness

While individual unicorns and leaders may get a lot of the attention on LinkedIn, it’s teams that form the backbone of productivity and innovation. But achieving optimal teamwork is more than a bit like solving a complex puzzle.  While many factors contribute to team effectiveness, 7 principles, often referred to as the 7 C’s of […]

The Role of AI Tools for Performance Management

AI tools for performance management

Employee performance is a crucial, ongoing initiative for HR teams and managers. Strong employee performance leads to increased efficiency and productivity of organizational processes as a whole, and can determine everything from company culture to profitability.  Beginning at the time of onboarding, performance management requires various touch points during the employee lifecycle. Regular 1-on-1 meetings, […]

What is a PIP? A Guide to Creating and Using Performance Improvement Plans

what is a pip

In the dynamic landscape of the corporate world, organizations strive for peak performance and productivity from their employees. However, the reality is that at times, employees may face challenges that hinder their ability to meet expected standards.  In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into what is a PIP, and explore how they can be […]

6 Types of Rating Biases That Affect Performance Reviews

Rating Biases

Performance reviews are an irreplaceable cornerstone of talent management, offering your organization insights into employee performance, development opportunities, and areas for improvement.  But beneath the seemingly objective surface, a stealthy force often lurks — rating biases. These subtle predispositions, shaped by cognitive processes and unconscious tendencies, can taint the fairness and accuracy of performance evaluations.  […]

What is Performance Coaching? A Simple Guide to Empowering Success

Performance coaching

It’s not easy to stay ahead of the game these days. In the competitive business landscape, organizations looking to take the lead against their competitors are seeking innovative approaches to drive performance, foster growth, and access the untapped potential of their employees.  Performance coaching has emerged as a powerful tool that goes beyond traditional performance […]

A Guide to Mastering Performance Management

performance management

Performance management is a critical practice to drive organizational success. By setting clear expectations and performance metrics, managers provide employees with a roadmap for success and a sense of direction that boosts company culture by creating a sense of belonging, increasing employee engagement. Effective performance management fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement, empowering […]