HR’s Guide to Prorated Salary

prorated salary

Ensuring accurate and timely payroll is a cornerstone of any successful HR department. But what happens when an employee doesn’t work a full pay period? Understanding prorated salary meaning is essential for handling these scenarios effectively. This guide will break down everything you need to know about calculating and processing prorated salary. What is a […]

How to Compute Overtime Pay in the Philippines

how to compute overtime pay

A study found that 71% of employees worked overtime at least once a week. While this can boost productivity, failing to compensate your employees for these extra hours violates a major Philippines labor law.  ADP Research Institute reports that unpaid overtime increased from an average of 7.3 hours a week in 2020 to 9.2 hours […]

The Employer’s Guide to Labor Codes in the Philippines

Labor Code of the Philippines 2024

What is the Philippine Labor Code? The Philippine Labor Code is a comprehensive legal framework designed to regulate employment practices, labor relations, and company standards within the Philippines. Established to protect the rights and welfare of workers, the Code sets forth the legal standards for wages, working hours, benefits, and conditions of employment.  It serves […]

Malaysia’s Annual Tax EA & E Form Guide

EA Form Malaysia

Tax in Malaysia comes with varying regulations and frequent updates for individuals and businesses alike, it can be tough to keep up with these changes.  Even though some employers use all-in-one HR systems that offer compliance to stay on top of their game, as the year unfolds, one of the tax-related responsibilities Malaysian employers are […]

2024 Malaysia Tax Guide

Malaysia tax

Ensuring compliance with tax regulations in Malaysia is a crucial responsibility for both individuals and businesses. While tax filing can sometimes feel like a complex process, having a clear understanding of the relevant requirements can significantly reduce stress and expedite the completion of your tax return. We’ve prepared a guide that contains everything you need […]

The Benefits of Using Salary Bands

salary bands

What are salary bands? Organizations use salary bands, also known as pay ranges or salary banding, to define the minimum and maximum compensation for specific job levels. These ranges play a crucial role in your company’s compensation strategy, helping you make informed decisions during hiring, performance management, and career development processes. In simpler terms, establishing […]

Understanding and Administering Salary Adjustments

salary adjustment

A Pew Research study revealed that 63% of respondents cited low pay as a key reason to quit their jobs, with 42% seeking better pay and promotion opportunities. While company culture, leadership, and work-life balance are important, competitive salaries are crucial for retaining employees.  Salary adjustments are essential for recognizing and rewarding high performers, but […]

5 Strategies to Address Pay Fairness During High Inflation

salary inflation adjustment

Inflation is a challenging economic situation. It puts the squeeze on consumers for everything from the petrol they fill their cars up with, to the groceries they buy. When inflation spikes, it also means that the wages employees earn have less purchasing power—basically handing them a salary cut. In HR, this is a tricky situation […]

What is FTE and How is it Calculated?

Full Time Equivalent

Having a comprehensive understanding of your workforce is absolutely essential as an HR professional. As part of this, calculating a Full Time Equivalent (FTE) count is essential. It paints the full picture of working hours and labor at your organization and breaks it down to a simple number. While the outcome is simple and easy […]

Employer’s Manual for Taxation in Singapore

taxation in Singapore

According to Deloitte’s survey, 46% of respondents find tax compliance and reporting requirements in Singapore to be straightforward. This percentage is among the highest in the region, trailing only behind Hong Kong, Macau, and Mauritius. With that in mind, income tax Singapore filing doesn’t need to be stressful, and the different Singaporean taxes doesn’t have […]