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9 Professional Employee Onboarding Email Templates

Onboarding is a crucial time to establish and maintain open communication with new employees and greatly contributes to retention rates and employee happiness. Build a better onboarding experience for your employees by offering support from the moment you hire. Utilizing employee onboarding email templates makes sharing information with new hires and ensuring they feel welcome easy, and helps reduce the overwhelming nature of an employee’s first days at a new job. Add these templates to your employee onboarding checklist to boost your onboarding process and create a positive and productive start for your new team members.

These employee onboarding email templates include:

  • Welcome emails to new employees
  • Communication for pre-boarding employees
  • First day of work emails to employees
  • Post-onboarding check-ins
  • Onboarding feedback emails
  • And more

With these employee onboarding email templates you will:

  • Establish clear expectations for new hires
  • Boost employee engagement with ample support
  • Create opportunities for onboarding program feedback

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