Tips for Increasing Workplace Efficiency and How HRIS Can Help

increasing efficiency

According to MIT, the future workplace hinges upon efficiency, effectiveness and balance. As businesses navigate the post-pandemic landscape, a key focus for HR leaders is building and maintaining a strong talent pipeline.  With increasing workforce mobility and changing priorities, companies are forced to adjust their workforce policies in order to remain competitive. This requires a […]

Employee Data Management: How HRIS Can Help Achieve Accuracy and Security

employee data management

An effective HR team is one that makes the most of their employee data. Employee data can be useful in predicting trends, avoiding inefficiencies and fostering a better workplace culture for everyone on the team. And because it’s so important, employee data management needs to be taken seriously. It starts with security. Your team has […]

18 Strategic HR Metrics to Measure for Success

HR metrics

We live in a data driven world, and those that find the most success are the ones who wield the available data most effectively. HR is no different—with reams of information about your workforce, you and your HR team are well poised to influence strategy and inform decision makers. But with so much data out […]

Human Resource Planning (HRP) Guide and Examples

HRP process

Who doesn’t love it when a plan comes together? When careful Human Resource management strategy combines with appropriate execution, you get to reap the fruits of your labor and drive success at your organization. Sounds nice right? That’s exactly what establishing an Human Resource Planning (HRP) process is all about. You can’t predict the future […]

Singapore’s Workplace Safety and Health Act Guide

Workplace Safety and Health Act

Workplace accidents have become prevalent, as statistics show that every 15 seconds, a worker suffers from a work-related accident globally. In Singapore, organizations witnessed 11,222 workplace injuries reported in the first quarter of 2023, which is in accordance with the workplace safety and health report released by the Ministry of Manpower. Recognizing the critical importance […]

HR’s Guide to Prorated Salary

prorated salary

Ensuring accurate and timely payroll is a cornerstone of any successful HR department. But what happens when an employee doesn’t work a full pay period? Understanding prorated salary meaning is essential for handling these scenarios effectively. This guide will break down everything you need to know about calculating and processing prorated salary. What is a […]

HR’s Guide to Fringe Benefits

fringe benefits

Fringe benefits are a crucial aspect of modern compensation strategies, going beyond basic salaries to offer employees a comprehensive package that supports their overall well-being. For HR teams and business owners, understanding and effectively managing these benefits is key to attracting and retaining top talent.  This article aims to answer the question of what are […]

Intro to HR Analytics and Leveraging HR Data

HR Analytics

You might be an HR officer in a large corporation noticing low employee morale and performance despite having adequate staff. Or, you could be in a medium-sized organization grappling with high attrition rates, finding it challenging to attract and retain top talent. In either scenario, these challenges signal the need to adopt HR analytics while […]

What is a Floating Holiday? What to Know for Your Leave Policy

floating holiday

Offering floating holidays for employees can be a great way to boost productivity and employee engagement. As a result, HR teams should consider implementing floating holidays whilst ensuring compliance.  In this article, we’ll answer the question of ‘what is a floating holiday?’, the benefits it provides for employers and employees, and how to create a floating […]

Malaysia Parental Leave Guide

parental leave Malaysia

The development of paid maternity leave under labor law Malaysia aims to provide a more inclusive workplace for women, recognizing the life transition they undergo when welcoming a newborn and the importance of bonding and health recovery. Maternity leave Malaysia remains a protected right. However, there is a growing advocacy among employees for better work-life […]